Poker Bonus and Poker Stars Review

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Poker Bonuses and Poker Stars Review – recently released online; and aimed at providing exclusive deals and up-to-date information for the biggest and best bonus poker, as well as the best online poker playing experience.

The intention of this site is not only to provide the best bonus poker, but to explain to users how these particular bonus systems work. They can be confusing for new members and understanding is essential for enjoying online poker. Playing poker online is fun and the intention of Poker Bonus is to assist them members to learn to play winning poker.

Poker Stars Review focuses specifically on Poker Stars; hands-down this site is easily the biggest and best online poker room and as such is deserving of a dedicated, informative, guide.

At any one time Poker Stars has upwards of 150 000 members participating in any one tournament, and it a record breaker as far as traffic at one poker site goes. Big name poker stars (hence the name) feature as opponents in games and as instructors for players to learn "winning poker". This site also features high stakes games which are fun to watch as well as provide an empirical learning tool. As recently as 2009, this site updated their software which provides players with even more functionality and ease of use. Use PokerStars Review to find the latest promotions, game-play, tournaments, bonuses and marketing codes and how to make the best use of these.

For Poker Stars fans this review site is a must – "bookmark site" and the point of Poker Stars Review is to return regularly for quick up-dates.

Poker Bonus, similarly provides players interested in playing the best possible online poker and receiving the best bonuses, with the best and most up-to-date information. Exclusively negotiated deals with specific poker sites are undertaken on behalf of Bonus Poker members and this provides them with the necessary marketing or bonus codes. Presently find the best bonus codes for UB Poker, for a record breaking $1100, Bodog Poker, also for brand new $1100 and Full Tilt Poker for $600; exclusively at!

Monthly “best bonuses” are selected and made available to members and referral or bonus codes issued. These bonuses are also explained at great length so that the member understand what every implication of a poker bonus entails, prior to committing themselves to any one site.

Re-load bonuses are explained in detail and be sure to make use of the bonus chart on the home page. Bookmark this site for future reference, and get all your in-depth bonus information straight from the horse’s mouth.

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