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Historians are still yet to discover precisely when Gambling began, however they have been able to confirm that they suspect the first experience was sometime in 2300BC somewhere in China. Historical gambling accounts have been reported through many different eras to include the Ancient Greeks and the Romans where many stories have been told of games that were built on luck and probability. These games eventually were legalised and are now played in popular businesses all over the World.

A Casino is an establishment that opens for business of the Gambling trade; many kinds of activities take place here including Card games, Table games, Slot games and Tournaments. Casinos are commonly located either close to or inside Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Cruise Ships and other popular Tourist Attractions. Casino’s generally open in the afternoon and will remain so until the early hours of the morning; at all times of the day players will attending wearing a smart but casual attire. To attract more Clientele to the land based Casino many will host entertaining programmes not necessarily based on the Gambling trade; such as Tribute acts and Stand up Comedians which are quite often placed in the Bar of the Casino. The Restaurants and Bars of a Casino offer exquisite cuisine which can be enjoyed either before or after exclusive gaming experiences.

Initially to be able to gain access to a Casino players may choose to do so as a Visitor where they can play games, enjoy the dining and drinking facilities; in fact the only difference between members and visitors is the spending limits – usually there will be a limit of approximately two thousand. Once a player has made the decision to become an official member they must fill in the necessary paper work and provide an acceptable form of Identification. Once the Casino has approved the membership; players will be able to enjoy the full benefits that their gambling provider has to offer such as the use of the cash desk facility, free entry to the prize draws and lifted restrictions on the Tables and Machines.

When deciding to pay for a game due to security restrictions players must place cash in front of the Croupier rather than in their hand who will then exchange the chosen amount for the specified Chips as indicated by the player. Depending on a player’s personal preference they also have the option to visit the cash desk where the cashier will be pleased to exchange foreign cash and Travellers Cheques as well as accepting debit and credit card payments from numerous providers.

At a Casino there are a collection of the favourite Vegas style games to be played such as American and European Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Craps and Progressive Jackpots. Players can choose to play with wagers from as little as a penny or a cent to as much as several hundred or even thousands depending on the location of the Casino. The Croupiers represent the business and are only too pleased to assist players if they are stuck in the game; discreetly to avoid embarrassment on the member’s behalf.

Members of a casino may choose to share their gaming experience with friends, family and even business associates in the way of hosting corporate events, wedding receptions and even the wake of a funeral at their local casino. For individuals who love the thrills and spills of Las Vegas a mobile Casino is right up their street where they can hire the services of a casino and transport it to their chosen venue which could vary from a function room to a marquee in an individual’s garden or at a venue. Croupiers will come along to ensure the whole gaming party is as realistic as it would be at their base.

Over the years the success of the Casino has grown and can now be found in most places you could imagine being associated with the gambling industry. In the last ten years the Casino world has found its way to the World Wide Web where it has developed so much that it now goes by the name of the Online Casino. The Online casino has many benefits that cannot be offered at land based casinos such as having lazy days and playing games simultaneously, large sign up bonuses, registration awards and continuing deposit match bonuses but people must have access to a computer and the internet to be able to take full advantage of the reasonably new service.

Once an individual has hunted high and low for the best online gaming site to suit their personal preferences they can register, claim their possible registration gift and their generous deposit bonus when they add their first cash lump sum providing it is above the specified amount. If a new comer was to place a twenty in their account and the offer of a bonus was 100% the player would result in a total of forty of the chosen currency. Although the bonuses can be very generous there are often certain terms and conditions that come along with the promotions; these may include a limit on the provision to withdraw the account balance if it contains bonus funds, it is always worth checking the terms and conditions surrounding bonuses and promotions to ensure they meet a players expectations so no surprises will be found.

The online casino will offer an extensive range of games which can be played by players of all abilities. It is common for a Casino to have a speciality and to attract players with a variety of preferences; such specialities may include Bingo, Sporting games and games designed straight from the land based casino. If an online casino had Bingo for their main game it doesn’t mean the members would need to be Bingo fanatics either as they will offer a whole host of other games including Slot machines, card games like Blackjack, Table games like Roulette and even less well known games like Arcade games which are adored by many because of the ability for an individual to be taken back to their teenage years.

Where Land based Casinos are extremely entertaining when an individual or a group fancies a night away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives they can also be slightly limited in comparison to the workings of the Online Casino. Providing the correct site is picked the online casino has unlimited possibilities but is only suitable for nights in either alone or with a couple of friends. Sometimes in life it is pleasurable to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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