Irish Oddballs Get Cracking New Online Betting Odds Innovations

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News,Sports Betting News | Wednesday 15 May 2013 9:10 am

It is a pretty bold move, getting betting online started up in the 21st 6 Century. Although this is still a growing industry, there are many firms who have years of experience behind them, but Irish firm Oddball seems to think they have a chance to get in to this industry, and make it big. They have a lot of competition to deal with – for example Irish betting firm Paddy Power – is supposedly more liquid than the Bank Of Ireland.

This new company however does not seem to be perturbed by the success of this live and online gambling giant, and seem determined to "shake up online betting", according to the press release.

Oddball is a start-up company, which founder Eanna O Hiorua, expects to be fully launched by June of this year. It has also be emphasised that Ó hIorua seems determined to corner at least a 10% share of the overall Irish online betting market by the year 2015. He is a Dublin City University graduate in engineering and business studies, who developed the concept himself. His own maths algorithms have been used to create a fluid odds system, which allows for better odds, and we have to admit that we all like the idea of better odds. He believes this system will control the exposure of the business, and thereby avoid adverse outcomes. We are not really sure what this technical-ese means, but it certainly seems to be technical.

Explained in lay-men’s terms, this online gambling concept is a new maths-based move towards to bookmaking. They basically adjust the odds more frequently which reflects their liability on certain events, and it is this which attracts punters who offset this liability. The knock on effect is what they have labelled "fluid odds", and O Hiorua believes that these results will be more attractive to punters. In other words they will be able to offer better odds deals than their competition.

The new company was started by O Hiorua, after being made redundant. It is based in Dublin – Glasnevin – and Oddball already employs three people full time. It is licensed in Ireland, and apparently the business has only set it’s sights on the Irish market for now. However, the one thing we all know is that any business online, tends to end up being business without borders.

There is a website set up already, running in test mode – – where users are able to place virtual bets free, just for fun. Weekly Prizes are already being awarded to savvy tipsters who are willing to test the product. According to those who have tried it out, this is a simple design of website, which also loads well on the WWW as well as on Smartphones. The company is currently seeking investors.

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Bet365’s Bore Draw Money Back offer for 2014 World Cup qualifiers

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News,Sports Betting News | Thursday 14 March 2013 2:16 pm

Bet365 is the best place for all your football betting and, with the race to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil beginning to take shape, there are some intriguing matches to look forward to.

Friday 22nd March sees England in action in Group H, as the squad looks to build on an impressive friendly win over Brazil last month by claiming a comprehensive victory away at minnows San Marino.

Elsewhere, Scotland and Wales renew their rivalry at Hampden Park with both sides hoping to recover from a disappointing start in Group A. Wales recorded their opening victory of the campaign with a 2-1 win over Scotland in Cardiff, thanks to a dramatic late double from in form Gareth Bale.

If, however, either of these eagerly anticipated encounters fails to deliver and ends in a goalless draw, you’ll still be able to enjoy the result with bet365’s Bore Draw Money Back offer.

Simply place a pre-match Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast bet and if the game finishes 0-0 then bet365 will refund all losing bets on these markets.

This great offer means that you don’t need to be bored by a blank score sheet again. What’s more, it runs all year round and applies to matches from every league, cup and competition around the world. With bet365’s terrific Bore Draw Money Back offer, a goalless draw may not be the worst result.

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William Hill Sponsors Scottish Football Association For Two Years

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News,Sports Betting News | Wednesday 19 September 2012 1:11 pm

The British bookmaker William Hill has very strong ties with various sporting associations, and quite rightly too. They make their money from sports-betting, but have a very strong online presence, not only in sports-betting, but for bingo, spread, betting, casino games and even online poker. Online gambling and sports-betting firms in particular have a long history of sponsoring sports teams, but this time William Hill has gone really big and is supporting an entire association – William Hill will become an "official supporter" of the national Scottish team, after signing a two year agreement with the Scottish Football Association.

William Hill’s Chief Marketing Officer – Kristof Fahy – says these are exciting times in football and they are extremely excited to be involved with the Scottish National team. The road to Rio is on, so, not only does the sponsorship agreement strengthen their ties with football in Scotland, they also get to jump aboard the Road to Rio bandwagon. The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in this World-class Brazilian city. The William Hill Scottish Cup is already sponsored by this firm, and they serve as the Scottish Premier League’s (SPL) official betting partner.

Obviously William Hill would love to see of the Scottish side go all the way to a place (if not the top) in the 2014 World Cup finals. But one thing it is going to be, is a fascinating journey.
Campbell Ogilvie, who is President of the Scottish Football Association is in turn delighted to have Will Hill as their official sponsor – heck they need all the help they can get – but the brand has already showed robust commitment to Scottish football, so this is not a new in-road for them. The online gambling company seriously are one of the biggest Scottish football supporters. This new sponsorship merely cements their position as such even more.

The agreement comes into force with immediate effect; in fact we expect they have had the new shirts made already! William Hill receives a whole host of sponsorship rights; these include; branding, hospitality, advertising, and exclusive content and imagery.

It is interesting to note that this British Bookmaker is also one of the sponsors of the English Football Association, but there is no conflict of interest. They have served as an official supporter of the England side and FA Cup in the past, and will continue to do so till the end of the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

After England’s dismal performance at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, let’s hope that the Scottish side can show them a thing or two this time. There was massive debate after England was sent home – about whether or not this team had become too spoiled by their mind-blowing earnings, and had somehow come to the conclusion that when they were playing for their country, they had the right to underperform. Let’s hope things have changed somewhat, and there will be a different performance in 2014.

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London Olympics – Wanna Bet This Is Going To Be Fun?

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News,Sports Betting News | Sunday 29 July 2012 12:30 am

Betting shops and online sports betting sites are gearing up this summer for what could be their biggest windfall yet. It is time for the Summer Olympics again and this year these take place in London, UK which has a sophisticated online and live gambling infrastructure. It is a well-known fact that the Brits love a sports bet, and the ‘proposition’ wager is extremely popular too. Tons of British betting brands can’t wait to get their hands on your money, but then again if you win on long odds, chances are you too will make some good money.

For example if you want odds on whether a UFO will be sighted during the London Olympics, William Hill will offer those odds (these are 1,000-to-1; in other words place a £1 bet and win £1000 if a UFO is spotted). Just so that you know – the UFO has to be spotted flying (or floating) over the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony, in order to win this bet.

No matter – excuse the pun – how odd the wager might be, these are on offer. So, as well as odds across twenty-six different sports, punters will be placing bets on whether the Olympic torch bearer will trip and fall as they reach out to light the Olympic Flame. Proposition bets on possibilities outside of sporting events are just as much fun – if not more so – than betting on our favourite sports themselves.

From diving to synchronised swimming; football to fencing; sprints to marathon runs, industry gambling experts are offering the odds. A spokesperson for William Hill – Joe Crilly – said they cater for most punters tastes. What’s even better this time however, is that gamblers don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home or local pub to place a bet today. The rise and rise of sports betting online from mobile phones, allows them to bet on the run, or from their most relaxed position in front of the telly, from their favourite arm-chair.

William Hill is encouraging punters to dream up any bet they possibly can, and Ladbrokes, another bookmaker has advertised 11,000 different wagers for the Olympics. Bets include if the games will go over budget, how many ‘Golds’ will be earned by the British team, will the Olympic park be able to supply enough condoms, and what the chances are of spotting a British athlete eating a Big Mac.

Really long-shot odds of 250-to-1 are on offer that all of the 4 x 400-meter relay teams drop the baton in the final. Oh and, they are also placing proposition bets on Boris Johnson. As you may or may not know, he is the flamboyant Mayor of London who is always up to exotic antics. The wager is paying 33-to-1 that he accidentally brushes past the Olympic torch and lights his hair on-fire. Of course with the notoriously wet London weather this might never happen, but Ladbrokes is also paying 50-to-1 that it will rain every day. Well, let’s hope not, but bet on it and you could be in for winning some bucks.

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Spain keeps the trophy, Titan Bet keeps its promise

Posted by Gambling News | Sports Betting News | Wednesday 4 July 2012 12:27 am

Spain proved their superiority by devastating Italy in the EURO 2012 final, but there was some consolation at Titan Bet as refunds were given out to anyone who bet against the champions.

Despite Spain being fairly obvious contenders for the title, the folks at Titan Bet wanted to make things interesting and offered to refund losing bets made pre-tournament on their “Euro 2012 Winner” betting line. If you voted against Spain and didn’t bet through Titan Bet, you’ll probably be kicking yourself as you read this but it just goes to show that sports betting comes down to one thing: research. Know your stats and know where to place your bets.

Spain was hardly a sure thing of course. The young German squad was looking good, the Dutch team was a popular pick, and there was even some hope of an English ambush despite frail beginnings. There was talk of Portugal doing well too although despite having great individual players, not to mention Ronaldo, they never managed to consolidate their play into that of a unified team, something that Spain managed to do so well.

In the end, the Spanish did the remarkable and became the first team to ever defend the title successfully, and the fact that they’re already world champions makes their current superior status in the game unquestionable. Stepping up to the podium to take the trophy of the third major football competition in a row, Casillas seemed almost too comfortable!

So Titan Bet really came through for a lot of bettors who chose to bet against Spain, paying out what must be a formidable sum all in the name of good sports betting fun. But it wasn’t just the outright winner that Titan Bet refunded. Every game had a refund offer for first goalscorer and correct score, so there were plenty of opportunities to spread bets in a more open manner while being able to minimize risk.

Titan Bet paid out refunds for a number of games: the 1-1 draw of the tournament opener (Poland Vs. Greece); Rooney to score first labeled as “Rooney’s Return”; Ronaldo to score first (Portugal Vs. Czech Republic); and for a Bore Draw in the Portugal Vs. Spain semi-final. This ensured that every game had a nice little twist to it, and with Titan Bet having some of the best football odds around, it seemed like the place to be for what ended up being a fantastic tournament.

Overall it’s been a great year for football with a thrilling Champions League and one of the most dramatic Premier League finals ever. As for Titan Bet, they really came through with some very well-placed offers for this year’s Euro. Titan Bet also frequently runs betting promotions on a wide variety of sports so be sure to check them out.

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