Powerhouse – Net Entertainment Continues Exponential Online Gambling Growth

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Thursday 31 October 2013 2:59 pm

When a job is done well it is natural to praise the persons or business that did the job well. This is the natural order of things. When we first played a Net Entertainment game, we were enchanted, thrilled and yes… very well entertained. All those years ago we predicted meteoric success for this company.

This prediction has come true, and no… we are not fortune tellers. The simple fact of the matter is that this dynamic software development firm has continued to challenge its own boundaries, and excel at everything single thing they do.

Net Entertainment has become a powerhouse in the online gambling industry where innovation is king. This innovation shows in the games that they produce, as well as on their bottom line. Third quarter results have seen revenues increase by a massive 25% to SEK 153.1 million. The Swedish firm has therefore seen operating profits climb to SEK 44.5 million, and is also enjoying big profits after tax.

There are now another nine online casinos that have launched with this award winning software, so that is nine more places for us to choose to play these fabulous games. Agreements have also been inked and signed with five more clients, so, if you favourite online gambling brand happens to be William Hill or Ladbrokes, these are two of the new signees.

These two operators are also best of British brands which operate off the Playtech platform, which tells us they are hoping for better performance by adding or switching to Net Entertainment.

We are also not entirely sure of the nature of these agreements. But then the largest gaming operators in the world cannot be wrong by choosing this brand. Ladbrokes has struggled in the past to get their online gaming operations profitable, but with NetEnt gaming on board, perhaps this will change for them.

In the last twelve months Net Entertainment has signed a total of twenty-two new customers, so, no wonder financials are revealing dynamic results. But not only results for NetEnt, for their customers too! This firm has also broken records for giving away the largest progressive jackpot prize money of any other developer globally.

For players to get their hands on the share of the big bucks they give away, check out the MegaFortune PJP networked games, these are the best games to play to win big. New slots games release also include “Secret of the Stones”, set in Stonehenge, and "Magic Portals" in its Touch™ catalogue.

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NZ Prime Minister Rejects Gambling Limit Plan

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Saturday 26 October 2013 1:01 pm

While we normally concentrate on gambling news from the UK, one of the furthest of the old British Colonial outposts happens to be New Zealand, so, we thought we might share this little snippet with you. The "Green Party" has proposed some rather strange measures to combat what they perceive as problem gambling. The Greens want mandatory gambling limits to be proposed for electronic gaming machines, which we would have to assume, would also include gambling online?

John Key – the Prime Minister understandably responded to this proposal as being completely unrealistic. He also said it is a ‘nice’ idea, but people are people, and it might work in a casino, but games can go to one of thousands of online casinos and gamble away as much as they like from the comfort of their own home.

At least Key, like the Government of the UK, can see that it is impossible to restrict online gambling, because players find ways to get what they want. The best thing to do is regulate this industry, thereafter taxes earned may be used to help problem gamblers who want help. Gambling is not the problem, people are the problem.

The report from Radio New Zealand is actually nothing short of being quite mad. They want the "introduction of pre-commitment cards", and player tracking. Why don’t they just have people micro-chipped, and programmed – its farcical, crazy? These so-called pre-commitment cards would require gamers to insert their spending limit, as well as a time limit, and stick to these. Graeme Ramsay of the NX Problem Gambling Foundation seems to agree. He insists this would be a harm-minimisation measure, rather than recourse for treatment.

Mr Key says it might be a nice idea, but people would find other ways to bet where there are no such limits, like online gambling. While online casinos, bingo room, poker sites, and sports betting facilities have tools for self-exclusion, and or setting time and bankroll limits. The onus is upon the player to activate these. A gambler with a problem, never admits that they are the problem, and will continue to gamble, and blame the gambling facility. It is only when they realise “they” are the problem that help is sought out and given.

Supporters of this proposal, need to take a look at all the other addictions which plague the human and their conditions. Are they going to regulate the amount of beer or booze that can be purchased in a supermarket or bottle store – we doubt it!

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