Historic Bingo Halls UK – Will These Go The Way Of The Dodo

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It is a very sad but true fact that many land-based bingo halls in the UK have already gone the way of the Dodo, and no longer exist any more. Historic Bingo halls were often once, dance halls, cinemas, and even theatres, and many have a particular – even art-deco – charm of their own. We see these closure taking place regularly, and although this short piece is not really supposed to be about land-based bingo, we though to use it as a platform to at least say something before they are all gone.

Another sad but true fact is that the Government in the UK sees fit to tax this "soft gambling" activity, more than it does for casinos. Casinos as we know, offer some very high-roller games, and yet pay less tax. Online bingo and casinos in the UK, have been burned by customs and excise before, and have retreated into the safe harbours of offshore, white listed territories. UK land bingo halls don’t have this choice. One cannot simply pick up the largest bingo hall in London, with some gigantic crane, and plop it down upon Alderney. Online bingo on the other hand is an extremely portable business.

Bingo halls in the UK offer a surprising, and barely surviving, legacy of valuable architecture. They were once the pumping heart of many a community too. It has been nigh near impossible for many to keep up with the taxes required, as well as compete against online site, which offer a ton of free bingo, massive cash and tangible prizes, as well as hosts of fantastic promotions.

As well at the tax situation, and the threat posed by online bingo, halls in this country have seen steadily declining audiences since the 1980’s. Then round about 2006 a smoking ban was introduced, and all of these factors together have rung a death knoll for many.

Playing bingo online has completely transformed this game, not only in terms of delivery, but by the sheer variety of games that can now be played. These games can be played 24r/7, 365 days a year, and many die-hard fans of bingo clubs now prefer to play online. The convenience factor plus the fact that most people keep up with advances in technology, has also attracted a whole new demographic of bingo player.

It is not all bad news however, while some historic building that once housed hives of bingo fans have gone the way of the Dodo. Others are being revamped and given a new lease on life. Some have re-emerged as supermarkets, shopping malls, nightclubs and other venues, so while the buildings do remain, it is only the game that has changed.

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