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One of the reasons why gambling has in the past had a dodgy reputation, has been due to the fact that a "gambling underworld" has had, and in some instance still does play a role in this business. This type of illegal activity is not unique to gambling per se, but unscrupulous operators do have a penchant to try their luck. However, there are very many legitimate gambling businesses doing really well, offering fair games, etcetera, but even the legitimate sector of this industry seems to have been tarred (in some instances) with the same brush.

Now the online gambling industry appears to have been targeted for the same “tar and feathering” treatment, where fuel for this impression is being fired by who else – but the film industry? Justin Timberlake has taken time out of his newly re-vamped role as a successful pop star to get back into the movie making business, with a new role that has been based on the online gambling underworld.

The film dubbed – Runner Runner – is being released by Twentieth Century Fox and official video trailers are already hitting the silver screen. This gambling drama is due to be release sometime this September. Timberlake co-stars with Ben Affleck who is no stranger to gambling, and really enjoys his poker; Affleck takes on the role of an online gambling tycoon. But not just any common or garden gambling tycoon, he is tied to corruption, and of course bribery.

Playing a Princeton grad student named Richie – Timberlake – is caught up in the constant concern regarding how to pay off massive tuition fees. He also happens to be a mathematics genius, and recons he could probably come up with the $60K required, by playing online poker. The fact that playing online poker is still illegal in the USA has even been taken into consideration, as Ivan Block (played by Affleck) is situated in Costa Rica.

Nevertheless, Richie makes use of the law of statistics together with his own considerable know-how, and guess what happens next? He loses of course – and finds himself in an even worse position. But not only does he lose, he also believes that he has been cheated out of the money he lost.

After losing, Richie travels to Costa Rica to confront Block, but instead ends up being lured into this underworld. After being kidnapped by FBI agents, and informed of what Block’s shady dealings really are, he tries to switch sides. However, I guess we will have to wait for the movie to come out, before we find out what transpires in the end. Release is scheduled for 27th September 2013.

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