MegaFX Launches Financial Markets Games

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MegaFX Launches Financial Markets Games

Real cash prizes of $10,000 from free to play games can be won every trading day.

MegaFX – – a new online gaming portal for everyone interested in the financial markets has launched a suite of financial trading games. MegaFX games are designed to appeal to all in the financial world from novices to professionals. They are free and fun to play.

Registered players will receive real time market prices, news and charts, and have access to a chat room where they can share knowledge and information with other players and benefit from the social networking aspects of the site where they can enjoy the company of fellow players.

For those with little time to spare, MegaFX is offering a real cash prize of $10,000 each trading day for winners of the easy to play Xacta5 forecast game. It takes just seconds to make your predictions. Entry is free and you will be notified the following day if your predictions are accurate.

For those who want to trade like a professional there are five free Xchange Trader tournaments each trading day. MegaFX is giving away $500 every trading day to winners of these tournaments.

Xpress Trader is a lightning quick trading game. Players will be given a free daily virtual cash fund of $1,000 to enable them to pit their wits against each other and Holly, MegaFX’s resident trader.

Players agree the stake, the instrument they will trade and the game duration, which can last from 1 to 10 minutes.

A countdown clock keeps them aware of the time left to trade as they buy and sell using their $50 million fund of virtual cash. At the end of trading the player with the greatest profit wins.

However, in a unique and final twist each of the players has the option to bet on the outcome by increasing the prize fund in a similar way to Poker players who can match, raise or close their hand. If they win against Holly their virtual winnings are paid out in real cash.

The MegaFX site enables traders and wannabe traders to prove just how good they are and hopefully profit from their expertise. They will be able to show their skill, play their peers and have fun taking part. Just like the real world of finance, Mega FX games represent a challenge and require skill and knowledge of the financial markets.

However, support is readily at hand. An Xpert Trader Section provides registered players with free access to the introductory tutorials. These cover factors affecting the market and introductions to trading shares and share indices, foreign exchange and commodities.

All Mega FX games are played in US Dollars.

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