Republicans Punt Prohibition For Online Gambling

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Historically it is a fact that prohibition does not work, in particular prohibition does not work in countries where politics dictate that people supposedly have the freedom of speech, freedom to information, freedom of association, and so on. The USA is a country where its citizens supposedly have these freedoms. In fact they call it "the land of the brave and the home of the free" in their very National Anthem.

Millions of Americans however, still gamble online. They do this at offshore sites and billions of dollars go into the coffers of what could be called unscrupulous websites, although some are quite above board – they are still offshore sites. The Government collects no tax revenue because the industry is not regulated, and the American Citizens who gamble at these sites, do so at even greater risk. In other words, they have very little to fall back on in the form of consumer protection.

Now that state-wide momentum is growing to legalize "intrastate" online gambling, the Presidential elections are also just around the corner, and this is where we get to the prohibition factor. Now that momentum is building in the fight "FOR" online gambling, we get statements in the news from the Republican party that online poker will be banned. This despite the fact that a recent court ruling from a NYC judge had the game declared one of skill.

Unfortunately, progress dictates two steps forward, and occasional steps back, this is the way of the world, and also the human condition. What is even more unfortunate is the fact that because prohibition does not work – millions of Americans will continue to play poker and/or gamble online. And by the same token, this money, which could be generating tax revenue, will still pour out of the country.

It is a well-known fact that the USA is cash-strapped. Every state is short of funding, and instead of looking at innovative ways to stimulate the economy, the Republicans seem to be determined to stand on moral high ground and send the United States even deeper into debt.

Online gambling is a proven money-spinner, and with mobile gambling taking off in popularity like the proverbial rocket-ship; this industry is going to grow from a multi-billion dollar industry; to a multi-multi-billion dollar industry. One of the most dynamic things about the online gambling business, is it has proven to be recession-proof. Not many businesses can boast of that.

While Republicans want to make the Internet ”Family-Friendly”, perhaps they do not realise that the Internet is a Global phenomenon, not just an American convenience that they can manipulate as they see fit. It is up to parents to ensure that their internet access is family friendly, not up to the US Government to decide what family friendly is. The government needs to stick to the bigger issues at hand such reducing the Chinese debt, we hardly think online gambling needs to be banned in the light of this.

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