Online Poker

Posted by Gambling News | | Saturday 4 April 2009 5:43 pm

Online Poker

For many gamers, poker is the ultimate online gambling choice. The realism of internet poker makes it the perfect training ground for every level of poker player in the real world – a fact reflected by the fact that online gaming establishments are commonly used as qualifying rounds for some of the world’s leading offline poker tournaments.

Poker has always been a sparkling game – and it aptly spread across America via Mississippi riverboats during the great gold rush. It’s spread online has been equally as significant, attracting all levels of players. Online poker has opened the game up to more gamers than ever before, thanks to low wager values and the removal of intimidating dealers.

Correspondingly, online casinos cater for every level of poker gamer, from complete novices wanting to learn the game, to full-time professional looking to smash the dealer. Equally, players can play to win a few pennies or thousands of pounds in each poker session.

Online poker’s basic rules are identical to playing the game offline (beat the dealer with a higher scoring combination). However, there have been some major developments that have truly brought the game into the 21st century – most notably, Video Poker. Online Video Poker is basic poker combined within a slot machine, with the ability to play hundreds of hands simultaneously.

There are 10 basic poker hands, with the Royal Flush offering the jackpot payout (ace, king, queen, jack, and ten, of identical suit). The other nine combinations are; Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full House, High Card, Flush, Straight, Pair, Three of a Kind and Two Pairs.

Despite the similar rules of playing online poker, the strategies involved require adapting. For example, body language is not a feature of playing online poker, hence this key feature becomes obsolete online. Instead, successful players have learnt to analyse betting patterns, rate of play, online chat, and fold numbers.

Online poker is approximately four times the speed of playing offline – so gamblers need to be very alert and ready to play at high speeds. However, for skilled gamblers, the huge increase in the gaming volume can leverage turnover and profits.

Online poker delivers the perfect arena for the whole “Poker Gambling” population.

Novice gamblers have the opportunity to learn the game risk-free, without facing the intimidating reality of an offline casino. On the other hand, serious players have been provided with the perfect hardcore poker environment, which has proven very lucrative for thousands of world wide casino gamers.

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