32Red Choose SmartFOCUS to Improve Player Communications

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Tuesday 1 September 2009 9:07 am

The award-winning gaming operator, 32Red, selects the SmartFOCUS software to further improve the player experience at its online casino.

32Red Plc announced today that they have concluded a deal with SmartFOCUS. The agreement will see the introduction of specialist customer communication software to 32Red’s gaming products to enhance the overall player experience through personalised correspondence and bonuses.

This news is on the back of several significant developments for 32Red of late, including the addition of PayPal banking across its gaming properties and the sponsorship of the English Championship football club, Swansea City, prompting 32Red CEO, Ed Ware, to say:

"It really is exciting times at 32Red. Despite the economic climate we’re forging ahead by investing in value marketing like the Swansea sponsorship and television advertising, as well as further improving the day-to-day operation of the award-winning 32Red. The introduction of SmartFOCUS’ software to our player communications will mean that we will be able to have an even more meaningful dialogue with our players. We expect big things and look forward to seeing what SmartFOCUS can do this year and beyond."

Head of Marketing for 32Red, Mark Quayle, explained that SmartFOCUS will be introduced across all of 32Red’s gaming products, including the 32Red Casino, 32Red Poker, 32Red Bingo, and 32Red Rummy, adding that on introduction it will become an integral part of the company’s overriding marketing strategy. Quayle further commented, “We’re confident SmartFOCUS will allow us to reach more 32Red players and send targeted bonuses and competitions that will make their time at our casino even more entertaining and increasingly rewarding.”

Chris Underhill, CEO, smartFOCUS said: "The smartFOCUS software is helping 32Red to launch and measure campaigns quickly and easily. Customer satisfaction should be a priority for all businesses. 32Red’s improved marketing and new loyalty scheme demonstrates that the company understands this perfectly, and makes it a pretty safe bet that the company will continue to enjoy success."

About 32Red Plc:

32Red is the six times winner of the Best Casino title awarded by watchdog and player advocate, Casinomeister. 32Red is renowned for providing industry-leading levels of support to players and for its 350 casino games, including over 250 online slots, online roulette and more. Over 80% of 32Red’s players are from the UK and 32Red is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar. The Company operates 32Red Casino, 32Red Poker, 32Red Mobile, 32Red Affiliates and Dash Casino. 32Red Casino is committed to responsible gambling and ensures the company adheres fully to UK law. 32Red Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange (TTR) in September 2005.

About smartFOCUS:

smartFOCUS (LSE: STF) is a leading international provider of multi-channel marketing software and services. smartFOCUS Intelligent Marketing solutions integrate data to deliver the most powerful analysis and customer insight, enabling communication across the entire marketing operation.

More than 700 companies worldwide rely on smartFOCUS to inspire customers, improve results and transform marketing performance. Clients and partners include AAA, ABN AMRO, ASOS, Centre Parcs, EasyJet, Epson Europe, Equifax, Eurocamp, Harrods, Hilton International, Landal Green Park, Manchester United FC, QVC, Rabobank, RCI-GVN, Société Générale and Sony Europe.

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Online Rummy Launched by 32Red Plc

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Monday 6 July 2009 6:48 pm

Online Rummy Launched by 32Red Plc

The award-winning online gaming firm, 32Red Plc, adds online rummy to its range of gambling games in the launch of 32Red Rummy.

32Red Plc announced today the launch of an online rummy platform in 32Red Rummy – the website behind the latest in seven online games offered by the Gibraltar based gaming firm.

32Red has expanded into online rummy after the successful introduction of 32Red Bingo and 32Red Mobile last year, making seven distinct gambling games available to play at 32Red. Games include two online casinos in 32Red and Dash Casino, online poker through 32Red Poker, financial spread betting from 32Red Spreadbet, as well as their bingo and mobile casino offerings.

The winners of the Best Casino award since 2002, as well as many others, 32Red plan to bring these award-winning skills to 32Red Rummy. This was highlighted by Pat Harrison, Operations Director for 32Red, when he said, “We believe that we are in a great position to bring to bear 7 years of successful gaming experience to what is a massively popular card game that is new and burgeoning on the internet now. We’re positive that our position as a trusted and respected gaming operator means 32Red Rummy will grow rapidly and become the home for rummy on the Internet.”

32Red Rummy offers players a range of online rummy games. Players will find Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, Kalooki 40 & 51 and traditional rummy in hundreds of online tables with a range of stakes – there are even free games for those new to rummy. Head of marketing, Mark Quayle, commented, “32Red Rummy offers players a full rummy experience. Akin to playing at home, but with all the advantages of playing online, 32Red Rummy players enjoy busy tables, a sign-up bonus and regular loyalty offers and tournaments”.

Mark added, “Rummy is similar to in that players from 32Red compete in a networked environment, it’s player against player and every man (or woman) to his (or her) self. There’s a wide variety of table stakes to cater for all budgets, ranging from free-to-play to a range of one dollar to several hundred dollar buy-ins. Players have the choice of hundreds of tables and can compete alongside upwards of 3,000 players online.”

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