Paddy Power Races towards higher Online Pass Rate

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Tuesday 16 June 2009 10:57 am

Paddy Power Races towards higher online pass rate through use of robust AGE verification software.

Paddy Power, the shining light in the Irish and UK betting industry is successfully protecting their customers’ online betting experience whilst reducing costs by implementing age and identity verification market leader, NetIDme.

“NeIDme offered us a solution that was easy to implement, matched our requirements and allowed us to increase our match rate by 10%” said Ronan Wall, Online Operations Manager, Paddy Power

Paddy Power was seeking to improve their customer experience and adopt an age verification solution to increase online pass rates. This is the key element for minimising the inconvenience to the customer upon registration. At high profile sporting events which attract first time customers, time intensive and costly follow up calls are now reduced by the NetIDme implementation.

Following successful pilot testing, NetIDme provided access to NetID Verify – a secure, fully automated batch service – configured specifically for Paddy Power’s volume processing requirements.

“Paddy Power, looking for ways to streamline their verification processes and improve online pass rates or matches, selected NetIDme, and are now benefitting from our unique Optimised Ratings Engine(ORE) technology. Our platform delivers very high match rates, drives down costs and helps improve customer value and retention”, said Peter McCudden COO, NetIDme.

To ensure the highest possible online matches rates, NetID Verify’s self learning unique ORE technology has the ability to instantly identify the best data source for each verification request. Reaching an estimated 800 million records instantly, the platform has also been configured to include additional fraud checks through the use of an Address Verification System (AVS).

NetIDme is a major age verification & identity services provider in the online gaming and gambling market based in East Kilbride in the West of Scotland, UK.

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