Online Bingo: How Full Is Your House?

Posted by Gambling News | Bingo News | Saturday 27 April 2013 6:38 pm

Today it is virtually impossible to switch on the television, or flip through a UK newspaper without seeing an ad for an online bingo site. These websites have become the trendiest places to play if you fancy good night in. A great deal of advertising money is spent on making sure that all the best sites are visible to the public. But who is playing this game, and why has it become so popular?

A typical sort of night in for a typical sort of online bingo player, might see someone playing every night or at least regularly for two or three hours; sometimes more, sometimes less. Most people who play at these websites, don’t do it for the prizes, they play for the "social" aspect of chatting with friends, and making new online buddies. Some spend more than they win, but others win really good prizes, when they do win, generally we hear them say that they never expected to win.

The amount of new online bingo sites coming on to the World-wide web has also increased exponentially, and there is always supply where there is demand. Just a few short years ago, back in 2004, there were less than twenty such sites for the UK-facing audience. Today it is believed there are approximately 350 such websites.

Operators and owners of bingo websites range from Capital Venture partners, through newspapers such as The Sun, and live bingo club operators. Two of the biggest names in British Bingo are also found online. These are Gala and Mecca Bingo.

Originally this game was synonymous with smoky rooms, crowded tables and the camaraderie of a night out with the girls, but it has changed, and the socialising aspect of bingo has very much moved online. It was also once synonymous with older players, and now while elderly people do play online, the gross demographic is younger. Some start as young as 18.

One 21 year old player reported that she plays two to three times a week, and then five hours on Sunday. Citing that she enjoys the excitement the game provides, as well as the companionship of other players in the chat rooms. Not once was there made a mention of the prizes she could possibly win.

It is the chat-room that is the “key” element for most online bingo players. Talking or making a noise in a land bingo club is strongly discouraged, in case a ball call is missed or miss-heard. Online players can chat whenever they like. Cards are completed automatically, so there is nothing to concentrate on. Bingo Lingo has evolved, players can chat privately, and the cost of a bingo card starts at only 1p, many games are even for free. So what’s not to like? It is self-evident why the game is so popular.

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Coral Bingo IS Raising The Game

Posted by Gambling News | Bingo News | Tuesday 19 March 2013 10:56 am

You may not know this, but you have probably heard of the "Coral" brand in the UK. This company is the holding company for gala bingo, so, as well as Gala Bin go online, we also find Coral Bingo. This is a section of the main website, which also offers sports betting, casino games, bet-in-play, poker, live casino games online, mobile gaming, and Lotto. The convenience factor of registering with this site, means that one account may be used to access all these different types of winning entertainment.

If you were to register with the bingo site, just spend a fiver on tickets, and they will give you a whopping £25 for free. No catch! Thereafter newbies get to play in the Debutant Room. The Debutant Room offers five full days of free bingo and £15 worth of Bingo bonus funds to be won on each game. The room is open for four hours a day, and the newbie can play every day.

That is twenty hours of free bingo games – a smashing opportunity to build up your bingo bonus bankroll. These games are a great way to practice, and experienced chat hosts are there in the room to help you get off to a great start.

If you are a jackpot chaser, there are load of great games for you too, check out the Bingo Linx, this is where the BIG money can be found. Bingo Linx play daily, with a 12pm jackpot of £1,500, a 6pm prize of £2,500, a 10:30pm jackpot of £4,000, and Super Bingo Linx monthly on the last Sunday, for a guaranteed £10,000, and tickets that cost only 50p. Here it pays to take note that Bingo Linx tickets are available in pre-buy, so you can even start pre-buying them now, and that way have the best seats in the house when the big game plays.

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Gauselmann Gambling Group Gobbles Up Praesepe In Great Britain

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News,Gambling News | Thursday 18 October 2012 6:24 pm

The Gauselmann Group is a German gambling and gaming giant; they have taken a huge leap of faith to get into the British gambling market. Their target is the UK amusements market with the purchase of Praesepe from private equity firm – Marwyn Management Partners. Gauselmann is best known for their Merkur brand, and it is this division that will take control of Praesepe’s 159 adult gaming centres, nine bingo clubs, five family entertainment centres, and Beacon Bingo online. The new company vehicle for this is Merkur Casino UK.

The current Merkur Casino compliment includes 240 arcades throughout Germany, and also has venues in Central and Eastern Europe, the Netherlands and Spain. There is also Merkur Win outlets in Italy. They are best known for their supply of slots, AWPs, Server-based gambling systems and VTLs. The vvast majority of employees is based in Germany; this is a staff compliment of somewhere around 6300.

The Chief Financial Officer of Gauselmann – Ulrich Wuseke – now becomes chairman of Merkur Casino UK. Nick Harding who is the founder of Praesepe, remains in the CEO role of the new company – at least for the time being. Wuseke commented that Praesepe has a good reputation in Britain across the markets it serves. They own the largest land bingo club in Europe and the UK, as well as the Crystal Rooms in London’s Leicester Square; this venue is world-famous.

At the moment the merge is examining a progressive philosophy which is where their investment efforts will take place; they believe they have a unique approach to gambling entertainment in the UK. They also have Blueprint Gaming on-board – another UK subsidiary – these people develop both games and devices. This means that Gauselmann now has a complete range of products to cover the UK market.

Gauselmann is one of the most inspiring business stories in the gambling/gaming industry; the company was launched in 1957, and fast grew into a €1.7bn internationally recognised enterprise. It is a business with back-bone which has survived the double-dip recession, and the Praesepe/Gauselman merge is set to cement this company into UK gaming history.

We mentioned the fact that the largest bingo club in Britain is also part of the Praesepe/Gauselman deal, so, feel that now might be an appropriate time to mention a little bingo aside. The future of UK bingo is also about to change, with the resignation of Paul Talboys from the Bingo Association. Miles Baron is the new appointee, and hopefully with this new blood will come some radical changes in what we believe we have seen become a stagnating representative body for bingo.

Bingo has been enjoying a new breath of fresh air online for the past ten or more years, and we would like to see the same happening in the land version of this game. Miles Baron takes up the post today – Monday 8th October – he has a wealth of industry experience, after leading as Sales and Marketing Director of Mecca Bingo since November 2006, and is no stranger to the Association.

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Online Gambling – The World In A Week

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Friday 17 August 2012 1:27 pm

There has plenty of interest been happening again in the world of the online gambling industry. First off, after reading that a Full Tilt\PokerStars deal was complete speculation and was not going to happen; rumour is rife again in the news that PokerStars is going to pull the beleaguered brand out of the dung-heap they have found themselves in. It seems that for Full Tilt Poker; they are still deep in the you know what, but it’s only the depth that varies. I think we need to stop speculating and let’s wait to see what happens in real time. Only when PokerStars confirms that the rumours are true, will we be prepared to believe it. In recent reports from Gaming Intelligence, this deal is now for real.

More rumours were rife last year over whether Zynga poker were going to monetize their poker game, and get into gambling online. This seems to have now been confirmed and Mark Pincus says they will foray into real-money gambling online in 2013. As CEO of this billion dollar company, he has recently also lost Billionaire status when the stocks of Zynga took a nose-dive and dropped 40% in value. It looks like he is going to have to do something drastic to get share prices up again. Interestingly enough, purely online gambling concerns are looking at getting into social gambling now too.

Brent Buckley from Absolute poker was in the news again. He is part of the “Black Friday Eleven” who were indicted for conspiring to commit bank and wire fraud. Buckley is the former payment processor for Absolute Poker. Sentence was passed for fourteen months in prison, but then he did admit guilt in December. Ira Rubin got a three year sentence and was labelled a “con man and fraudster.” Rubin was also accused of illegally processing payments for Absolute Poker, PokerStars and FullTilt.

There has been some good news in online gambling too, as a couple of Playtech jackpots were landed. One – the ‘Holy Grail Jackpot’ from the Spamalot slot which is based on the Monty Python series. This lucky winner landed a mahoosive £692,209.05 prize. The other big winner was playing the Iron Man video slot and landed an impressive £558,306.01. Playtech is understandably proud to have been able to deliver these wins.

Look out for some great Olympic-themed promotions now that the summer games have started, and we are not only referring to sports-betting online. Online Bingo clubs are gamely going along with the flow, and British-based bingo sites are the place to look out for these offers.

We checked out William Hill where the Olympics aren’t really mentioned, but they are celebrating Glorious Goodwood, and we also checked out Costa Bingo where they are running a Track and Field event. Wink, Posh, Red Bus, Bingo Street, 88 Ladies and Tasty Bingo have a £10K Bingo for Gold event running as well as a £10K free summer Joy Pot, so, if you get tired of watching equestrian events, gymnastics, football and swimming, you can always get active too and play online bingo.

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Be part of bet365 online bingo’s £30,000 Community Night

Posted by Gambling News | Bingo News | Thursday 7 June 2012 2:23 pm

Pop over to bet365’s Guilty Pleasures room on Sunday 17th June and you can enjoy a night of great value bingo with a guaranteed £30,000 in prizes.

There will be something for all Bingoheads to enjoy, including Penny Bingo, Last Chance Saloon and the ever-popular 1TG and 2TG games, where you can win cash for getting within one or two numbers of calling House.

What’s more the evening has some extra special Roll On Bingo games too. In these games you can win three, five or even ten Full House prizes, meaning there is even more chance of winning!

With a great variety of games, total prizes of up to £1,000 in each game and tickets from just 1p, bet365’s £30,000 Community Night is another exciting event not to be missed.

So get over to bet365 bingo and have a ball.

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