The Online Gambling Industry Moves On – But What About British Bingo?

Posted by Gambling News | Bingo News,Gambling Industry News | Tuesday 7 May 2013 9:01 am

The online gambling industry is still moving in the right direction, and this direction is up. In other words the industry is still generating a great deal of turnover, as well as showing positive growth. It is considered to be a mainstream industry, and has become vital to the financial welfare of quite a few small, as well as politically independent nations that are close to the UK.

These are the offshore sites where servers for online gambling sites are licensed and kept, which has had the knock on effect of investments in infrastructures which maintain sizeable internet operations. These are regulating and licensing jurisdictions which have opened their doors to the industry in return for lower taxes. The result of this is that most online operations – even the big guys like William Hill, have taken these ops out of the UK and re-located them to places such as Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malts, Alderney, and more recently Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Small, politically independent states such as these have come to depend to a great extent on the taxes the industry generates, as well as the employment, and growth opportunities it creates. While the online gambling industry does have its ups and downs, it also has an astonishing ability to roll with the punches. Many of the well-established online gambling concerns have had to reinvent themselves. And have done so in their efforts to survive, but what about British land Bingo, it seems to be taking a turn for the worse?!

There have been some serious changed in the gambling industry when it comes down to British tax law. And the one industry that appears to be worst affected is that of bingo. New taxes have been imposed on certain activities run by these business, which sees a recent hike to 20% on slot games in bingo halls. This poses a serious threat to the industry as a whole, but is an even bigger problem for smaller concerns.

Things started to go pear-shaped for this industry around 2005, and since then 150 of these clubs have closed down.

There is a real concern that this game may go completely extinct, which is rather sad rally considering it has become a big part of British culture. We have the Chancellor of the Exchequer to thank for the demise of this Great British game, as things stand now George Osborne could be the one to go down in history for killing the game. Bingo employs 13 000 people, but this also seems to mean nothing to him.

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Silk Bingo Opens its Doors to Online Bingo Players

Posted by Gambling News | Bingo News | Tuesday 1 December 2009 4:25 am

Silk Bingo has just recently opened its doors to online players and has immediately distinguished itself as a force in the internet bingo industry. To start off with, they may be one of the newest sites in cyberspace, but they bring with them years of online gaming experience. Silk Bingo is powered by DragonFish technology; a part of the 888 Network of gaming sites. So while the name may be a new one, they are backed up by over a decade of experience in the industry of online gaming.

This positive association gives them the sort of credibility and security that many of their competitors lack, but it is their bonuses and promotions that many players will find especially valuable. Players will appreciate the fact that the act of registering an account and making a deposit will not only result in a 100% matching bonus of that first deposit, but also a free, £100 Welcome Bonus on top of it, and 20 free bingo cards.

The bonuses are integral to Silk Bingo and they just keep coming. Following that initial, 100% matching bonus, all other deposits will be rewarded with a 50% matching bonus. Each day players can compete for a £100 Jackpot and on the weekends players can play in promotions worth £1500. Three times a week, players can try their luck at the £1 million Coverall Games.

Loyalty points are also a big part of the Silk Bingo culture. These points can be redeemed for valuable prizes, vacations, or cash. Some of the promotions are built around helping players earn more of these points. A good example of this is their Happy Hour event. This gives players the opportunity to win double loyalty points. Another popular feature is a promotion that lets Silk Bingo pay a month’s worth of bills for one of their lucky players.

There is a lot going on at Silk Bingo. For more information log on to Silk Bingo.

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