Gold Rally Progressive Slot Machine Jackpot Winner

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Thursday 7 January 2010 6:15 pm

On the 17th December 2009 just before 16:00 UK time Mr P from Greece became our latest jackpot winner at Bet365 scooping a massive jackpot just short of €450,000.

Playing on the ever popular Gold Rally slots game Mr P who has only been with bet365 about 6 months couldn’t believe his luck when the nine lucky symbols dropped in and changed his life forever.

In a telephone call shortly afterwards Mr P told Bet365 that the shock hadn’t really sunk in yet. It all happened so fast he didn’t realise he had won.

Speaking about what he would do with his amazing win Mr P said that the timing was perfect with his wife expecting their fourth child shortly. He also said he would pay off his mortgage and spend some money on his children.

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City Club Casino Is Proud To Announce 3 Massive Jackpot Winners In Under Two Month

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Wednesday 9 December 2009 9:40 pm

One lucky player at City Club Casino has just defied all the odds by winning an incredible two jackpots in just three weeks!

Paulette C. (France) scooped over $180,000 after hitting two jackpots in a row. First she won $96,534 playing Wall Street Fever and then she won the $88,087 Cinerama jackpot last week!

She gave her delighted reaction to City Club…..

Richard (City Club): I’m really happy for you! Now you can afford your dream car that you talked to me about last time.

Paulette: My husband and I are just overjoyed. At first we didn’t believe anyone could be so lucky but then we called the bank yesterday and the bank manager told me the money was in our account. Now my bank manager wants the address of your website to open an account!

Richard (City Club): I’m so happy for you both. I hope that you are happy with our customer support team?

Paulette: Yes, we really are! We started to play six years ago on the Internet, then we started playing at City Club and we would never change. We love City Club and we’ll definitely be players there for life!

Richard (City Club): Thank you and a huge congratulations to you both from all of us here at City Club.

And then just six weeks ago Karim A. (France) won $14,000 when Fruit Mania burst!

Now Beach Life is getting ready to top 4 million dollars and we think it’s about to burst so don’t miss it!

See you at City Club Casino playing Beach Life ASAP!

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Craps Online Casino Member Wins 119,593 on 25c Line Bet

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Tuesday 24 February 2009 12:35 pm

One member at the Craps Online Casino placed a 25c bet and walked away with winnings totalling $119,593 from the popular Queen of Pyramids slot machine.

Just as the online casino is getting ready to honour its second birthday, another member at Craps Casino has a good reason to celebrate with the Casino at its party – she won astounding $119,593 on one spin of the reels. What makes this win even more unbelievable is that only 25c was the line bet placed on the winning reels.

Marie-Claire P. of Canada won the jackpot after just 20 minutes of playing online. The teacher, who currently resides in Quebec, only wagered the minimum line bet on the Queen of Pyramids progressive slot machine.

In a winning interview with Marie Claire, she stated that “I had a premonition a few days before telling me that I was going to win big and so I knew I had to play. When I saw my winnings I was in shock. I screamed, but I was very happy. I think I will spend my winnings on a holiday to Tahiti and maybe some home renovations”.

Marie Claire went on to say, “My favourite online casino is Craps Casino, the games have amazing graphics, the Support staff are excellent and the over all feel of the casino is a reliable one. I feel that this is one online casino you can definitely trust. My advice to other Craps Casino members would be to play according to what you can afford and play for the enjoyment of the games”.

In a twist of fate, only a few days prior to her big win, Marie-Claire forgot her casino client password and decided to immediately contact the 24/7 support team of Craps Casino to have it re-sent to her. “It was lucky that she contacted our team so quickly,” stated casino manager, Jean Russell, “If she had waited until a later date, the jackpot may not have been hers!”

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