Power Station Blast Blacks-out Best of Breed British Online Gambling Brands

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Sunday 11 May 2014 5:59 pm

Gibraltar has become one of the favourite destinations for some of the biggest and best British online gambling ops. They run operations offshore from this site, simply due to the fact that British taxes would otherwise cripple their businesses. Well… the word "cripple" might be a little harsh, but operating in the UK would certainly take a large slice off their bottom line. So, companies that are recognised as best of breed brands, operate in offshore territories such as Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney, Isle of Mann and so on.

One of the busiest weekends for these gambling giants is the Easter Bank Holiday weekend; where companies such as William Hill, and Ladbrokes make a killing. They run all kinds of superb promotions to keep their members playing online and winning.

An explosion and fire at a Gibraltar power station which blacked out much of the British outpost also caused major worldwide disruption to the online betting industry, with gambling giants Betfred, William Hill, and Ladbrokes among the operators taken offline. This Easter Sunday was not great for fans of these websites however, as a power station generator exploded, but at least no one was harmed. Although a few bingo balances might have taken a knock.

Residents of the small British-held peninsula which is situated on the southern tip of Spain experienced, thick billowing smoke, and were warned to keep windows closed. Many of these residents are also employees at online gambling firms. Gibtelecom services came down like a house of cards, and gambling firms struggled for some time to resume normal operations.

There are Twenty-six gaming operators in total that do business from these shores. The industry has changed Gibraltan fortunes quite significantly, and it is estimated that 60% of all Internet gambling transactions flow through these virtual casino doors. However things could be changing dramatically quite soon.

The British Government is enacting new taxation regulations that encompass taxing any firms that offer gambling services to British residents. The Government of Gibraltar has made their feelings known, as this industry is not a standalone business; it attracts an entire ecosystem of industry players which contributes massively to this small economy. They are in the business of creating magic for millions of online gambling fans, and new tax laws, rules, and regulations will have a substantial impact on how things have been run for the past fifteen years.

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Gambling Mogul Donates Mega-money To 2016 Presidential Campaign

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Monday 5 May 2014 8:41 am

It is not new news that mega-mogul – Sheldon Adelson – has made billions of dollars out of the gambling industry. He is the owner of Las Vegas Sands, as well as various other gaming properties. It is also not new news that he is adamantly opposed to the introduction of an online gambling industry in the USA. So much so, that he is throwing mega-money at the government of this country.

The hypocrisy is blatant, and is out there for anyone who cares to see. His reasoning for the viperous campaign he is conducting against regulating this industry, is supposedly based on his own personal moral compass. So, it is fine for him to have made billions out of people with gambling problems, because live casinos are not as easy to access as the virtual homes to these games. To this end, we are made to believe that “traditional gaming venues are not able to victimizecustomers in the same way that online venues do”. We say, we have never heard such a lot of poppy-cock!

Adelson is so sure that his casinos are more responsible in the way they deal with their customers, that he is throwing money by the millions at the next US election campaign. We believe, in the hopes of lobbying against regulation for gambling online. We have also heard from the grapevine that he has met with no less than FOUR Republican presidential candidates (2016 elections), and donated $90 million to their campaign.

This hypocrite of note, believes that it would be good to see Barack Obama defeated, and that any amount of money will be well spent if this stops the regulation of internet gambling. He vows that his rationale is to discourage “gambling addiction” problems, which brings us to the next story.

In even more recent news, we hear that a New Jersey Woman has stolen $1.8 Million finance her gambling addiction. Guess what?This is not an online gambling addiction – it is one whereby she spent the stolen money at a Sands Resort Casino. If Sheldon Adelson is the owner of the Las Vegas Sands, we can also safely assume that any “Sands” branded casino property, is going to be one of his. He would hardly allow his “Sands” brand to be plagiarised by any other company.

So, the fact that people steal to fund gambling addiction in his establishments, can hardly have escaped this man’s eagle-eye. Surely not? Or is he just blind to the fact that people are the problem when it comes to problem gambling, not the gambling establishment? People have to be more in control. And if Adelson believes that he has problem gambling controls in place at his land gambling establishment, then perhaps the hypocrite should think again.

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Spendy Online Gambling Habit Lands Lady In Rather Hot Water

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Monday 21 April 2014 1:10 am

We often read about the concerns certain groups have regarding the proliferation of online gambling, and its effect on problem gamblers. The real problem is not internet gambling websites, the problem is people. Some people are simply don’t have the moral compass to know when to stop. Be this addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or cheating others out of their hard earned money. It is a people problem, not a gambling problem.

One Utrecht, Netherlands woman, who was recently investigated by the Public Prosecution Authority, was found to have spent as much as €557,000 on internet gambling sites. To make matters worse, she was the "supposed" founder of a non-profit organisation designed to help children who displayed behavioural problems. Now, if this woman does not have a behavioural problem, we certainly don’t know who does.

A foundation named "Vriended van Tom"in English – Friends of Tom – was the source of her funding. So, after intricate investigations made into her spending habits from 2008 up till 2013, she appeared in court, charged with the embezzlement of €700,000. This money was PGB-funding which in the Netherlands should be used to help people in need of extra care. The money came from funds allocated to parents of problem children by the Government.

The problem is, that this lass still has a problem – she admits that she has gambled before, but denies the amount spent. Anyone with half an ounce of sense knows that people in denial won’t admit to any problems. Responsibility is stressed at all good online gambling site, and she could have been gambling at many. So it is as our opening paragraph states. People are the problems, not the games or websites.

In this particular instance, the guilty party was stealing from needy children, and their parents who desperately needed help. Admitting that she has a problem, is the only way she will ever get help. It is about being realistic, rather than living life in "La-La Land". The majority of online players don’t have problems such as this, and even if they are considered to be problem gamblers, would not steal from others to fund their habit.

Addictions always affect our own lives, and the lives of our families. But rarely are they so severe that the lives of needy children are affected, as in this particular case. Right now we do not know what the outcome of the court matter will be, but we trust that the judge will see that this young miss needs much more than mere counselling for a gambling habit.

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Another Two New Wild Rides For Net Entertainment Slots Fans

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Tuesday 15 April 2014 5:48 pm

Wild Water – the latest in an awesome range of online video slots games – is making a massive splash with fans, and making some rather large waves too. The highly innovative Wild Water(TM) features a retro look at the life of the beach bums of the 1960’s and 70’s. As we all know, retro is in, so this game is in with a chance to win, and so will players have a fair chance of winning too.

Wild Water Slots

Wild Water Online Slot Game

Think stunning sandy beaches, babes in bathing suits, a Beach Boys-type soundtrack, and surfers galore. These reels are lined up, and popped into a palm tree decked, idyllic backdrop that makes one immediately feel like diving into the fun. Awesomely crafted graphics and so much fun, is certainly one way to take a break from everyday life, and chill with your fellow beach bums.

Not only is Wild Ride about riding a point break back into times gone by, it is filled to the brim with exciting ways to win. Wild Substitutions, free spins, stacked surfer symbols, and twodifferent bonus features. Drop a Surf Team onto the reels, and get a chance at a massive two-hundred x multiplier. When the Surf’s Up, up to twenty x can be won. See, fun, fun, fun!

While chatting about Net Entertainment and the fabulous gaming opportunities this software developer has on offer, if mobile gambling is your thing, then check out Big Bang. This is the latest edition to burst onto its first-class Touch™ mobile portfolio. Enjoy an intergalactic gambling experience wherever you are and whenever you feel like a game.

Big Bang Slots

Big Bang Online Slot Game

The setting is deep in space, where players may explore parallel galaxies in search of riches. Yes, fans and followers of the latest mobile slots, this is a real money game, with real money prizes on offer. The jewel in the crown of Big Bang is a thirty-two x multiplier that will leave participantsfighting for breath if they win. The more space missions the player signs up for, the more chances they have to win.

These new games from Net Entertainment are already huge hits with players. It is a design company that gets bigger and better, just like its games, and we are looking forward with baited breath to the next new launch of some more enchanting slots. Spellbinding entertainment and adventure, is certainly the name of their game.

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“Virtual Social Gambling” No Longer A Gamble For BIG Business

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News,Gambling News | Sunday 13 April 2014 9:47 am

Multi- millionaires and even multi- billionaires have been made by the online gambling industry, and here we do no refer to players who have won big money. Although more than a few online multi-millionaires have been made when playing these games, the real winners are the people who dared to take a gamble, and offer casinos, bingo clubs, poker rooms, and sports-betting websites online.

Social gaming is a category that has long been popular online, but this popularity has recently expanded in to the online gambling arena. Basically this means that gambling-type games are being played on social media websites, and social media gaming designers are delving into the gambling genre. One of the latest of these social gaming developers – Playtika – has joined in the fray.

This Tel Aviv based developer is not to be confused with Playtech, also an Israeli-based online gambling game developer. Playtika aims to allow fans of their games a taste of what it might be like to enjoy gambling online, but at this point only for fun. In other words games will be developed in demo” mode where real money is not exchanged!

They are already creators of some of the most widely played social gaming titles – over five million people play these games daily – from one-hundred and ninety countries. Their online video slot title – Slotomania – is the current jewel I n the crown – introduced in 2010. It became an almost immediate hit, and immediately a big hit with web-based gaming enthusiasts. Its execution was soremarkable that Interactive Entertainment giant Caesar’s snapped it up just one year later. They became a 51% shareholder of the company in 2011, and we all know how big Caesar’s is.

Despite the fact that Caesar’s is a gambling brand, they are also predominantly a US land gambling brand. There are still currently all kinds of regulatory issues regarding the legality of Internet gambling in this country, so, Playtika, and their new major partner do not offer slots where money is involved. These games are considered to be normal online apps where the player accumulates points to earn virtual rewards.

Obviously there has to be some (rather large) money it in the system, or CIE would have never become involve. So, players effectively enhance their “freemium” gaming experience, by purchasing upgrades, but no player expects to win money. Playtika has essentially become Caesar’s Interactive Entertainments’ lynchpin in the social gaming industry. They even have taken the title of “largest in the world”, away from Zynga.

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