Probability plc – UK – Releases New Generation Online Gaming

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Thursday 18 July 2013 9:47 am

It is only recently that we have been online gambling games, and getting them in three D. Now, because technology changes so quickly in the well… technology business, a new generation of games is already being released by probability. When we talk about game, we mean in the sense of online gambling games that can be played to win real money.

It is all over the press that Probability is "Supercharging the player experience with HD graphics, responsive interfaces, smooth animation and crystal clear sound", and all of this is for mobile gambling which is the largest growth sector that the online gambling industry is taking advantage of right now. These are the best in their class products for mobile gambling, and are compatible with many Android tablets and smartphones, as well as the iOS platform.

Now that mobile gambling is HD (High Definition), other software developers are going to have to come up with similar products, and come up with these aggressively. There are six HD slots for iOS, Android and Blackberry users that have already been released in the next generation format.

These games are developed and based upon new HTML5 and server frameworks which have been developed in-house by Probability during the last twelve months. The technology is as good, if not better than native apps, and can be used on the most sophisticated smartphones and tablets available today, over all major operating systems.

We immediately took note of scale accurate, much sharper graphics, with synchronised sounds to screen action. These high resolution displays offer much smoother animation, as well as a highly responsive interface, in much faster download times than we have ever experienced before. Customers are going to love this, and won’t want to play any other games, of this we can be reasonably sure.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Probability – Charles Cohen – commented that customer expectations have become that high, while HTML5 has not necessarily been able to deliver. Not in comparison to native apps. However, upgrades to the iOS and Android systems in the new breed of smartphone, have allowed for this company to deliver a product that is arguably even better than native apps.

They call this new technology the Slot-O-Matic development platform, which allows them the ability to offer the highest quality of games in even more markets than any other developer/provider. New releases include; Poseidon’s Kingdom HD, Long John’s Silver HD, War Zone HD, Way of the Slot HD Pots of Plenty HD, and Samurai vs Zombies HD – under license from Glu. All that is left for you is to simply give them a try.

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Online Gambling Options Being Weighted By Isle Of Man Economic Development Ministry

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News | Wednesday 17 July 2013 12:43 pm

It is no secret that the offshore territories of the UK have done really well out of the fact that the offer tax havens to the UK-facing online gambling industry. This applies to Alderney, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Malta and recently even the Isle of Jersey, although Jersey seems to have come on board rather Late.

Now that the British Government has been looking for ways to tax online gambling services, rather than making taxation more attractive for existing as well as start-up operator, they are thinking of a point of consumption tax. This seems quite a sensible move, as offshore operators benefit from offering gaming to UK customers, but only paly local license fees and taxes.

The introduction of a point of consumption tax seems ready to go ahead, and should be in place by December 2014. The remote gambling industry are obviously keen to find out how this tax will affect them so, neighbouring gambling jurisdictions need to be thinking ahead regarding these new regulations.

The Economic Development Minister of the Isle of Man’s – John Shimmin – is already rolling-out a new five-year plan of strategy to ensure they keep on top of things. He is quite rightly of the opinion that the sooner they take a pro-active approach, the better off they will be. We have to bear in mind here that the online gambling industry revived the economies of these island states to a great extent. It creates highly paid, highly technical jobs, generates tax income and has seen many professional relocate to be closer to where they work. Their spending stimulates these economies too.

The planned tax regime for 2014 has John Shimmin concerned that with better taxation regulation in place, firms may be tempted to relocated back to the UK. This would mean the Isle of Man (and the others) may lose some of their licensees. It is obvious that they should be prepared for this, and that they should also be able to offer incentives for firms to remain. They have already signed a tax sharing agreement with the UK, and met with the UK Gambling Commission.

Shimmin has guaranteed their support their to e-gaming operators, and confirmed that they fully understand any implications that may affect their regulatory regime. They are still seeking to attract even more new licensees, so, business must be good. Currently big names such as PokerStars, Paddy Power, and the new Full Tilt Poker, amongst others are firmly entrenched in the Isle of Man.

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Dragon’s Tale Morphs Into Real-money Online Gambling Game

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Wednesday 17 July 2013 12:40 pm

When online slots developers started to incorporate elements of skill into these games, we started to call them “Sklots”, basically a marriage of the two. But it was only a matter of time until MMORPG developers realised that monetizing their games could create a new stream of revenue for them. Whether or not all Virtual World developers will create gambling games stills remains a moot point, but one MMO has done this, and has done it with the title of Dragon Tales.

Role playing gaming is über-popular online, and this classic MMORPG has been created at great cost by lead designer of eGenesis – Andrew Tepper. His comments on the release of Dragon Tales basically that he was struck by the idea that gambling online can be lonely, and this could be the truth, as so many community slots games and such are actually being developed today.
The typical online slots player simply seats themselves in front of a 2 or 3D slot and whiles away the time. Despite the fact that online casinos also offer a chat feature, we don’t know the number of players that take advantage of this form of social interaction. We do know that online bingo players are a chatty lot.

So, Tepper has taken the experience he has garnered building MMORPG’s over the last 15 years, and has given this game a gambling application. He believes he has created an “intensely social world” where players can get together online, and not take the journey alone. Exploring this game world together means sharing skills or techniques, as well as being able to rely on each-other with each completing gambling quest in order to level up.

Credit cards and Bitcoins are the in-game monetary systems, and Tepper has said that every game inside Dragon’s Tale is “novel.” It has been designed for a 3D environment, and includes running monkeys through mazes, dragon egg hunts, cow tipping, fishing, and feeding the ducks. So far sixty games have been created, and new games are being continually added. They are apparently all a new take on gambling, with half being based on sheer random good luck, and the other half being skills-based.

eGenesis has featured a tournament system, in Dragons Tale, as well as student/teacher system, with player-controlled governance similar to that of their other claim to fame – A Tale in the Desert. If you fancy taking Dragon Tale for a test run, they start Beta testing this week on Friday the 12th of July.

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Legalised Mobile Gambling Will Become Standard In The EU

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News | Thursday 27 June 2013 2:42 pm

The fundamental concept of any online business, is that business can take place on a global scale, and this concept applies to online gambling. This type of business without borders is also a model that is intrinsic to the freedom of trade principles adopted by law-makers of the European Union (EU). However, when it comes down to online gambling and EU free trade principles, many EU countries still practice monopolistic approaches. This is frowned upon by the EU.

Now Dr Christos Dimitriadis – Intralot’s Head of Information Security has spoken at a Berlin conference, and said that “it is inevitable that new types of mobile games that could incorporate gambling features will become legal across the European Union”. Intralot builds lottery systems, terminals, and so on, and has a presence in fifty-five countries globally.

He was a guest speaker at the ISACA Insights World Congress 2013, when he made clear that their firm would be both keen, and able to investigate new business breaks, if the entire EU were to make mobile gambling legal. The gambling sector is currently merging mobile services and the cloud, which is proving to be incredibly popular with punters, and is showing exponential growth with many UK-based operators.

The problem with this form of gambling for EU member countries, is that they are not all on the same page, when it comes down to legalising games of chance that are internet based. As we said in the first paragraph – even though the European Commission has drafted an across-the-board framework for the online gambling industry – member states are being very reluctant to come to the party. It is unfortunate that regulatory changes have to be made country-by-country, but it is what it is.

The belief is that eventually there will be a way in which each member state controls e-gambling. They must play a regulatory role because of the “responsibility” factor. Gambling is believed to be best when it is controlled by law, or otherwise unscrupulous operators are able to take advantage of the public. The problem is that the EU has a great business model to follow in the UK, but don’t seem to be able to apply the lessons learned by the UK into their own situation.

Great Britain is home to the most mature sector of the global online gambling industry, and their legal framework seems to work, although like times, technology changes, and laws should be tweaked to compensate for this change. Mobile gambling in the UK, has hit the ground running in the past couple of years, and consistently appears to be enjoying an exponential growth swing.

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Online Gambling – Topic For New Justin Timberlake Movie

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Friday 21 June 2013 9:47 am

One of the reasons why gambling has in the past had a dodgy reputation, has been due to the fact that a "gambling underworld" has had, and in some instance still does play a role in this business. This type of illegal activity is not unique to gambling per se, but unscrupulous operators do have a penchant to try their luck. However, there are very many legitimate gambling businesses doing really well, offering fair games, etcetera, but even the legitimate sector of this industry seems to have been tarred (in some instances) with the same brush.

Now the online gambling industry appears to have been targeted for the same “tar and feathering” treatment, where fuel for this impression is being fired by who else – but the film industry? Justin Timberlake has taken time out of his newly re-vamped role as a successful pop star to get back into the movie making business, with a new role that has been based on the online gambling underworld.

The film dubbed – Runner Runner – is being released by Twentieth Century Fox and official video trailers are already hitting the silver screen. This gambling drama is due to be release sometime this September. Timberlake co-stars with Ben Affleck who is no stranger to gambling, and really enjoys his poker; Affleck takes on the role of an online gambling tycoon. But not just any common or garden gambling tycoon, he is tied to corruption, and of course bribery.

Playing a Princeton grad student named Richie – Timberlake – is caught up in the constant concern regarding how to pay off massive tuition fees. He also happens to be a mathematics genius, and recons he could probably come up with the $60K required, by playing online poker. The fact that playing online poker is still illegal in the USA has even been taken into consideration, as Ivan Block (played by Affleck) is situated in Costa Rica.

Nevertheless, Richie makes use of the law of statistics together with his own considerable know-how, and guess what happens next? He loses of course – and finds himself in an even worse position. But not only does he lose, he also believes that he has been cheated out of the money he lost.

After losing, Richie travels to Costa Rica to confront Block, but instead ends up being lured into this underworld. After being kidnapped by FBI agents, and informed of what Block’s shady dealings really are, he tries to switch sides. However, I guess we will have to wait for the movie to come out, before we find out what transpires in the end. Release is scheduled for 27th September 2013.

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