More Virtual Money Wallets For Mobile Gambling Fans

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News,Gambling News | Sunday 22 September 2013 2:58 pm

We don’t really know what online payment method was the first to come along, but have a suspicion that it might have been Neteller or Paypal. We suppose if we researched this we would know who came along first. But the online gambling industry has seen a great many of these virtual wallets come into being. Some are specific to certain countries, while others such as PayPal are global, now we find a new payment method that has been specifically designed with the mobile gambler in mind.

There is nothing that precludes us from making use of any of the normal payment methods that we have traditionally used to gamble online, when gambling on the go. We are talking about Skrill (which used to be Moneybookers), InstaDebit, EziPay, ECO, Clickand Buy, and so on, there is a very long list, as long as my arm. But this particular method called PugglePay only requires a Mobile number in order to make a deposit.

The design comes from Scandinavia, and we are pretty certain that it is going to be popular as well as reliable. Most software products and solutions that come out of this cold corner of the world, are of an incredibly high quality. Many people from Scandinavian countries are huge fans of gambling online, so, it makes sense that they would also be keen on the mobile form of these games. Must be the snowy cold weather, and dark long winters that keeps players in-doors, and needing to be entertained!

Now mobile entertainment has been made so much more simple to pay – PugglePay is an über secure payment method for funding mobile, and even online gambling accounts. It is an instant cash device – virtually speaking – for phones which allow us to transfer funds at any time, from any place without requiring private data or the use of credit cards, debit cards or other e-wallet. FYI – a “Puggle”, is baby echidna, if this means anything at all to you.

Some forward thinking casinos online have already taken up this product, and rolled it out to their customers, we believe it is only a matter of time until others follow suit. Both Betsson and Mr. Green have partnered with this new payment solution, understandably so, as both of these casinos offer gaming to the UK and Europe, but enjoy an extra high market share in Scandinavian countries.

This socially responsible payment system works with simple information that the user already knows – money is deposited with a few clicks on the keypad of the mobile device, and the payment pops into the mobile gambling account. The user is identified only by their mobile number, with no cost to the phone account. The invoice is confirmed by an SMS code, and the gamer can go on to play and win.

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Mobile Gambling – Inaugural Summit Scheduled For September

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Tuesday 10 September 2013 1:22 pm

When we see expos, conferences, and summits scheduled for specific industry sectors, we have to assume that there is a great demand for knowledge regarding that industry sector. Mobile gambling is growing exponentially in popularity; keeping in tune with mobile social media, as well as more advanced technology. Taking an iPhone or android phone out of your pocket and making a punt, now sees industry leaders willing to share their experience and knowledge in this field. Recognition awards will also be given away at the end of the day.

The first "Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit" is going to be held on the 11th September in London – a brand new event from Dot Media. This company is part of Mobile Marketing Magazine, and online publication that has also been available in print, and on iPad since 2010. It is designed to address engagement within this growing industry, which means we as consumers will benefit too.

In the UK in particular, we consumers are a sophisticated audience – in other words – we know what to expect, know what we are entitled to, and expect superior products as well as great value for money. We love gambling online, and we love making a wager by mobile, and are taking part in this form of social gaming entertainment every single day.

The social gaming revolution has seen every online gambling product worth their salt, developing social gambling apps, and platforms for the mobile gaming fan. All the biggest brands have had these applications available for quite some time, and are adding new games, new ways of playing, and upgrades constantly.

William Hill which is one of the biggest betting brands in the UK, also has an online presence and coincidently enough recently launched a Mobile Sports App for Nevada (USA) Residents. This is a newly opened up market, and the app offers a range of new features to attract more punters into this game. The app can only be used intrastate, which means only in the State of Nevada. But this could be perhaps a very small foot in the door of what potentially could be a massive marketplace, should other States follow suit, or Federal Legislation be change to legalise online gambling games.

It is interesting to note that punters who wish to use this real money gambling applications, need to register in person. This is obviously a brilliant idea to counteract any underage shenanigans, and to facilitate the process, there are seventy-five William Hill full service locations in this US state. Will Hill amongst other providers are seriously excited about expanding into this fast growing sector (mobile), they believe theirs is the best product, so, if you want to take a flutter on the Horses at Saratoga, and you live in the State of Nevada – check them out. All UK and European players can get as much mobile gambling as they like, from a whole slew of great online brands.

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Jersey And Nevada Jump Wed For Poker – Will Texas Follow Them Into The Fold?

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News,Poker News | Tuesday 10 September 2013 1:19 pm

We aren’t in the least little bit surprised to find out that the states of Nevada and New Jersey are considering jumping into bed together to offer online poker to US fans of this game. A joint online gambling market would mean greater liquidity for both operators and players if a bi-state gambling biz was the name of the game. When we talk about greeter liquidity, we mean much larger player pools, and therefore much more prize money to be won.

This idea is once again the brain-child of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, who has been trying his damndest for years to get online gambling –re-legalised in the USA. Reid is a firm believer that people should be allowed to do whatever they desire, in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. We agree, as long as it is consensual and no innocent parties get hurt. The government could argue that online gambling can be addictive, but so are prescription drugs, cigarettes and alcohol which are all freely on sale, in the USA.

A bottle store owner doesn’t say to a customer – I think you have a drinking problem, and I will no longer sell you booze. By the very same token, ADULTS are the potential market for any online gambling activities, and they have the right to make their own decisions, as well as mistakes. Gambling is not the problem, people are the problem, and people therefore have to take responsibility for their own actions.

That having been said, State casino regulators and gambling business execs have been discussing the possibility of a merge in the form of a “New Jersey/Nevada internet gambling compact”. The reasons for this are quite clear, as we explained in the first paragraph, it is very possible that one State – on its own – would not make for sustainable business opportunities. Say nothing of poor prize pools for players, which is plainly an unattractive prospect.

Supporters off this merge are envisaging that it should come to fruition by sometime in 2014. However, the Nevada Legislature does not convene again until February 2015. But that is not the end of the story, committee chairs who handle legislation would have to be included in this process, and to date have no idea of what is being cooked up by Reid.

But Reid believes that legislatures for both States may not be required. He is of the opinion that Federal legislation can achieve the compact which will allow for this marriage made in heaven (?) to take place before 2015. He has been entertaining the idea of the compact for a while now, after having worked extremely hard to get online gambling and not only poker, made legal in the United States.

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