The Mobile Device, A New Do-able Gimcrack For Gambling Online

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News,Gambling News | Tuesday 18 September 2012 6:43 pm

While the word gimcrack might be a bit of a misnomer for devices such as iPhones, Androids and iPads, these portable devices are gewgaws of a sort. They are the latest zeitgeist for fans of fashion, and as a result are spreading all over the world. With the greater mobility, and fantastic technology, e-gambling activity is also increasingly on the rise.

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) are industry experts; it is their contention that the mobile industry is expanding rapidly. But they are not the only ones who see this, we can see it by just looking at how many online gambling firms are getting more and more mobile apps up and running, so, there must be a huge demand. We also see it in the numbers that the big companies such as William Hill, Paddy Power and others are releasing in terms of mobile growth. Honestly speaking, gambling analytics are great, but it is already clear we see increasing levels of demand.
Warwick Bartlett who is CEO of GBGC says that online gambling offers a good value for money entertainment option for millions of consumers. Something else we already know.

The powerhouses of online gambling are and have been enhancing revenues by adopting mobile gambling applications for a while; the evidence exists that what they are doing is good for business.
Smartphone gambling is transactional entertainment purely. Players are hugely excited by the fact that they can enjoy access to games with high prizes, switch from casino to casino with anonymity, and take advantage of great bonuses, as well as play lots of fun games. They also know that if they want a properly social casino experience, all they need to do is go to their nearest land casino. The online and live gambling business is two totally different channels; just with similar themes.

Betfair for example was one of the pioneers of mobile gambling, and they have reaped the benefits of their foresight – right from the beginning. They are the biggest online betting community globally – known as a betting exchange – and despite good earnings in the mobile market are showing a decline in share price. Core revenues for this company were up to £91.6 million, an increase of 13%, with the biggest growth trend showing in sports-betting. Apparently half of all their customers in the UK and Ireland have placed a bet by mobile during the first quarter of 2012. This is a volume of bet increase of a massive 114%.

It is like we said earlier, we just have to look at this type of performance and it becomes simple to draw the assumption that online gambling will go mobile for a large majority of fans. Rocketing revenues are not only being declared by Betfair; the biggest and many of the smaller brands in Britain and Europe are showing these increasing trends. Keep your eyes peeled too, there is strong evidence to suggest that things in mobile gambling are going to get a lot more interesting over the next couple of years.

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