Another Two New Wild Rides For Net Entertainment Slots Fans

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Tuesday 15 April 2014 5:48 pm

Wild Water – the latest in an awesome range of online video slots games – is making a massive splash with fans, and making some rather large waves too. The highly innovative Wild Water(TM) features a retro look at the life of the beach bums of the 1960’s and 70’s. As we all know, retro is in, so this game is in with a chance to win, and so will players have a fair chance of winning too.

Wild Water Slots

Wild Water Online Slot Game

Think stunning sandy beaches, babes in bathing suits, a Beach Boys-type soundtrack, and surfers galore. These reels are lined up, and popped into a palm tree decked, idyllic backdrop that makes one immediately feel like diving into the fun. Awesomely crafted graphics and so much fun, is certainly one way to take a break from everyday life, and chill with your fellow beach bums.

Not only is Wild Ride about riding a point break back into times gone by, it is filled to the brim with exciting ways to win. Wild Substitutions, free spins, stacked surfer symbols, and twodifferent bonus features. Drop a Surf Team onto the reels, and get a chance at a massive two-hundred x multiplier. When the Surf’s Up, up to twenty x can be won. See, fun, fun, fun!

While chatting about Net Entertainment and the fabulous gaming opportunities this software developer has on offer, if mobile gambling is your thing, then check out Big Bang. This is the latest edition to burst onto its first-class Touch™ mobile portfolio. Enjoy an intergalactic gambling experience wherever you are and whenever you feel like a game.

Big Bang Slots

Big Bang Online Slot Game

The setting is deep in space, where players may explore parallel galaxies in search of riches. Yes, fans and followers of the latest mobile slots, this is a real money game, with real money prizes on offer. The jewel in the crown of Big Bang is a thirty-two x multiplier that will leave participantsfighting for breath if they win. The more space missions the player signs up for, the more chances they have to win.

These new games from Net Entertainment are already huge hits with players. It is a design company that gets bigger and better, just like its games, and we are looking forward with baited breath to the next new launch of some more enchanting slots. Spellbinding entertainment and adventure, is certainly the name of their game.

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Online Slots Mag Publishes In Hard Copy

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Thursday 6 February 2014 1:59 pm

Here is a turn out for the books (excuse the pun), a recently launched online video slots magazine is now being published in paper. That is right had copy, not soft. We seem to have become a society where paper is losing momentum, and just about every magazine is now published online. This first of its kind attempt to keep online slots fans in the UK, up-to-date with trending products, is quite an eye-opener indeed.

Jackpots Review Magazine is the name of the magazine, if you fancy picking up a copy hot off the press (real printing press that is). Remember – only available in the United Kingdom – but packed to the brim with what’s new in video slots. It is a bi-monthly mag which according to its bio – will offer an objective point of view for video slot fans. Online reviews can tend to be a little biased, as most of the people promoting these games are in the affiliate industry.

The Premier issue is said to be "exceeding all expectations", (we must assume in terms of purchases), and features the immensely popular online slot game – The Dark Knight Rises. This slot is licensed to the Batman copyright, and the Dark Night – Batman himself – is the cover picture. Not only does the mag feature big name games, but some of the more obscure slots are featured, as well as a few reviews of various casinos online.

We have come to trust the Online Casino Portal (generic term) for the reporting of reputation, reliability, and status of online casinos, we have to bear in mind that till now, these spaces were all the information we had. Now the UK gets Michael Caselli – Editor-in-Chief of Jackpots Review – educated opinions. This means a mainstream reporting format of where to find the games that we love, and what in it for us when playing these slots.

Playing both online and mobile slots games has become a virtual pastime for millions of fans in the UK. The popularity of playing these games has long surpassed many of the classic version that are found in arcades, bingo halls, adult entertainment centres, and casinos. It appears that hard copy reviews are not completely redundant for fans of the genre. Many still may enjoy playing slots online, but also enjoy the sensation of reading whilst simultaneously turning a real paper page.

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Dragon’s Tale Morphs Into Real-money Online Gambling Game

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Wednesday 17 July 2013 12:40 pm

When online slots developers started to incorporate elements of skill into these games, we started to call them “Sklots”, basically a marriage of the two. But it was only a matter of time until MMORPG developers realised that monetizing their games could create a new stream of revenue for them. Whether or not all Virtual World developers will create gambling games stills remains a moot point, but one MMO has done this, and has done it with the title of Dragon Tales.

Role playing gaming is über-popular online, and this classic MMORPG has been created at great cost by lead designer of eGenesis – Andrew Tepper. His comments on the release of Dragon Tales basically that he was struck by the idea that gambling online can be lonely, and this could be the truth, as so many community slots games and such are actually being developed today.
The typical online slots player simply seats themselves in front of a 2 or 3D slot and whiles away the time. Despite the fact that online casinos also offer a chat feature, we don’t know the number of players that take advantage of this form of social interaction. We do know that online bingo players are a chatty lot.

So, Tepper has taken the experience he has garnered building MMORPG’s over the last 15 years, and has given this game a gambling application. He believes he has created an “intensely social world” where players can get together online, and not take the journey alone. Exploring this game world together means sharing skills or techniques, as well as being able to rely on each-other with each completing gambling quest in order to level up.

Credit cards and Bitcoins are the in-game monetary systems, and Tepper has said that every game inside Dragon’s Tale is “novel.” It has been designed for a 3D environment, and includes running monkeys through mazes, dragon egg hunts, cow tipping, fishing, and feeding the ducks. So far sixty games have been created, and new games are being continually added. They are apparently all a new take on gambling, with half being based on sheer random good luck, and the other half being skills-based.

eGenesis has featured a tournament system, in Dragons Tale, as well as student/teacher system, with player-controlled governance similar to that of their other claim to fame – A Tale in the Desert. If you fancy taking Dragon Tale for a test run, they start Beta testing this week on Friday the 12th of July.

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Online Slots In The UK – Check Out Little Britain

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Friday 24 May 2013 1:07 pm

It does not matter if you are the only gay in the village, have got to check out the new online slot that is taking the UK by storm. This is the only game in the village as far as we are concerned, and it can be found and played at some of Great Britain’s best of breed gambling websites.

Little Britain Online Slot Game

It is an Ash Gaming powered slot, that takes die-hard fans of Little Britain back to when the series first played. A fresh look at a long-trending brand often gets us interested once again. The trend now for online video slots games to follow a popular cultural theme, has also become popular culture. We suppose we could say this is the zeitgeist of online gambling.

With five reels, thirty pay lines, and a ton of bizarre comedy thrown into the mix, we find a whole new meaning brought to the fact that playing slots should be fun. We are not sure if you remember the infamous series where David Walliams and Matt Lucas played a whole host of characters each?

Everyone has their favourites, but Dafydd – the only gay in the village – was certainly one of mine. Most of the most prominent characters are featured in the slot, that is Daffydd, Lou, Andy, Vicky, Marjory, Ann and a few more.

Probably the best thing about this online slot is there are five (yes 5) bonus rounds. These are the Vicky Pollard’s ASBO Bonus, the Big Gay Bonus (where players have to help clothe Dafydd), the Marjorie Dawes’ Fat Fighters Bonus, Emily Howards’ Lady Things Bonus, and our personal favourite, Lou and Andy’s Love It Bonus.

This slot offers hundreds of ways to win, with Anne as the wild icon, which greatly enhances winning combinations. There are scatter symbols, free spins and in-reel features, which all comes together nicely under the narration of Tom Baker. Wagers may be placed from as little at 30p (1p per line), to as much as £300, so, is suitable for all kinds of risk takers.

When bonus symbols line up on reels 1, 3 and 5, this triggers the bonus feature of the corresponding character. Let’s take the Vicky Pollard’s ASBO Bonus as an example. We get to choose the activities she takes part in, and the longer it takes her to say "yeah, but no, but yeah, but no", the better this is for the player. Essentially the longer she takes to decide, the better it is. An added feature to look out for in this bonus, is the speech bubble. Get lucky in this bonus round, and it is possible to land a prize of 750 x an initial wager.

Little Britain, is truly a Great British online slots game. Ash Gaming have once again pulled out all the stops!

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Online Slot Game Hall of Gods Pays Out 6.7 Million Euros

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Thursday 25 April 2013 10:45 am

Hall of Gods™, the popular online slot game from Net Entertainment, on April 20 paid out yet another life-changing online jackpot, the fourth million euro win in recent years for Hall of Gods™. This time the jackpot amounted to 6.7 MEUR and the lucky Swedish winner, a man in his sixties from the town of Norrköping, staked 2 EUR in the game Hall Of Gods™ at the Malta-based operator Betsson.

This Betsson-jackpot is the third biggest in their history, one being the 2011 Guinness World Record Jackpot of 11.7 MEUR from Net Entertainment’s video slot Mega Fortune™. The next largest was landed last summer when a man from Linköping won 3.12 MEUR in Mega Fortune™ with a 2 EUR stake.

Hall of Gods™ is a progressive jackpot and part of Net Entertainment’s jackpot network, where the liquidity from players from many of the most popular European online casinos is pooled. In Hall of Gods™ players come face-to-face with Norse mythology in a 5-reel Triple Jackpot featuring the Midgard Serpent in the expanding wild, and Odin’s ravens on the scatter symbol. The bonus game features Thor’s hammer which players can use to break shields and match three to win one of the three jackpots or a variable coin amount.

Although this latest win didn’t break January’s World Record Jackpot of 17.8 MEUR from Net Entertainment’s video slot, Mega Fortune™ it is another huge return for the winner.

"Announcing yet another million euro winner so soon after the World Record Jackpot in January is a great testament to our games and continues our history of creating millionaires from our popular progressive video slots. Net Entertainment’s ability to offer high liquidity in our progressive slots sets us out from the crowd and helps player acquisition for operators through the ability to quickly build up jackpots. Net Entertainment would like to wish the winner all the best and congratulate Betsson for another life-changing win." comments Per Eriksson, President and CEO of Net Entertainment.

Net Entertainment’s progressive jackpot portfolios consist of Arabian Nights™, Mega Fortune™ and Halls of Gods™ video slots, all part of the Net Entertainment jackpot network, pooling the liquidity of players from several of Europe’s largest online casinos.

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