New Live Dealers Are the Highlight of Recently Renovated Live Games Casinos

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Wednesday 12 January 2011 4:48 pm

Euro Partners Live Games have never been so lively, with an all new team of professional live dealers and revamped gambling facilities!

In a successful effort to bring live casino gambling to people’s homes around the world, select Euro Partners casinos have recently released an all new Live Games casino platform.

The new and improved Titan Casino, Casino Tropez, and Europa Casino Live Casino Games facilities have been fully renovated including improved lighting for increased clarity, better camera angles to better see the live action, and a new overall casino layout (including table positioning) for improved game flow.

The biggest addition to the new Live games casino however is the first-rate casino staff. The Europa Casino, Casino Tropez and Titan Casino live dealers are in a class of their own. With their professional skills and elegant style, these experienced dealers are at the top of their game and some of the best in the gaming industry.

These factors combined work to create a live casino atmosphere, effectively replicating the interactivity and excitement that land-based casinos have to offer.

“Online casino players have always enjoyed playing Live Games,” commented Euro Partners Marketing VP Marc Kenigsberg. “It’s the perfect way to capture the thrill of land-based casino gambling from the comfort of home. Now, we’ve upped the ante and made the experience even better, delivering a higher quality gaming environment and even classier, more attractive, professional live dealers. Online gaming doesn’t get any better than our Live Games casinos.”

While there are plans to add more Live Games in the future, for the time being, the Titan Casino, Europa Casino and Casino Tropez New Live Casino Games are Live Blackjack and Live Roulette. Both of these classic casino games are available around the clock in real-money mode exclusively.

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Will live dealers achieve Reality Star status at Europa Casino

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News,Gambling News | Thursday 7 May 2009 1:53 pm

Will live dealers achieve “Reality Star” status at Europa Casino?

Europa Casino recently introduced a team of new online dealers to their live games. Some hope this exposure will open up celebrity career opportunities.

The media is replete with successful celebrities who got their first shots at stardom on “reality” gigs. These include entertainers such as Jade Goody, Jennifer Hudson (plus new fiancée, David Otunga), and most recently Susan Boyle, who rocked Britain’s Got Talent with her captivating rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream”.

As online streaming technology advances, Internet exposure is becoming the next serious platform for affording that lucky somebody a real shot at the limelight.

Europa Casino’s recruitment of new European “live dealers,” has one woman seeing herself one step closer to her own dream of stardom. Twenty-four year old Emily Perkins of England has high expectations from her live dealer stint with Europa. “I know that many prominent people visit Europa Casino and I think that getting my face out there will open the door for my acting career,” Emily shared.

Since originally launching the live dealer service, these games have become extremely popular among the growing online gaming community. When you consider this community numbers in the tens of millions, Perkins’ dream of achieving mass exposure seems a lot less far-fetched.

The live games at Europa Casino offer an interactive gaming experience, with players waited on by live dealers, who deal via the hi-tech video feeds provided by Playtech.

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