Online Slots Mag Publishes In Hard Copy

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Thursday 6 February 2014 1:59 pm

Here is a turn out for the books (excuse the pun), a recently launched online video slots magazine is now being published in paper. That is right had copy, not soft. We seem to have become a society where paper is losing momentum, and just about every magazine is now published online. This first of its kind attempt to keep online slots fans in the UK, up-to-date with trending products, is quite an eye-opener indeed.

Jackpots Review Magazine is the name of the magazine, if you fancy picking up a copy hot off the press (real printing press that is). Remember – only available in the United Kingdom – but packed to the brim with what’s new in video slots. It is a bi-monthly mag which according to its bio – will offer an objective point of view for video slot fans. Online reviews can tend to be a little biased, as most of the people promoting these games are in the affiliate industry.

The Premier issue is said to be "exceeding all expectations", (we must assume in terms of purchases), and features the immensely popular online slot game – The Dark Knight Rises. This slot is licensed to the Batman copyright, and the Dark Night – Batman himself – is the cover picture. Not only does the mag feature big name games, but some of the more obscure slots are featured, as well as a few reviews of various casinos online.

We have come to trust the Online Casino Portal (generic term) for the reporting of reputation, reliability, and status of online casinos, we have to bear in mind that till now, these spaces were all the information we had. Now the UK gets Michael Caselli – Editor-in-Chief of Jackpots Review – educated opinions. This means a mainstream reporting format of where to find the games that we love, and what in it for us when playing these slots.

Playing both online and mobile slots games has become a virtual pastime for millions of fans in the UK. The popularity of playing these games has long surpassed many of the classic version that are found in arcades, bingo halls, adult entertainment centres, and casinos. It appears that hard copy reviews are not completely redundant for fans of the genre. Many still may enjoy playing slots online, but also enjoy the sensation of reading whilst simultaneously turning a real paper page.

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All Slots Casino welcomes new players with a bountiful bonus package

Posted by Gambling News | Casino Bonuses,Casino News | Saturday 11 August 2012 10:00 am

All Slots online casino is welcoming you into its online casino site this month with open arms, and a rather delightful welcome package to boot too. The famed online casino sites not only offers great games, masterful mind-boggling slots, tantalising table adventures and ingenious instant win classic, but a sign up deal that will make joining this online casino, very hard to say no.

So what have they got in store that might prod the players in their direction then?

Any new player, who chooses to do their business with All Slots Casino, can pick up a wondrous welcome bonus of a 100% match deposit bonus, up to £200. The site details an easy to grasp table for those of you unfamiliar with match deposit bonuses too. For example players who lay down £25 will receive an additional £25 making their gaming total then £50 to start off with. Similarly any player who deposits £50, £100, £150 or £200 will also have their money doubled with the 100% bonus, meaning their beginning balance will be £100, £200, £300 and £400 respectively.

Any future deposits a player makes to All Slots Casino will also be treated with a match deposit bonus, albeit a significantly smaller one at just a 10% match. This shouldn’t be looked on as a negative though, as the player will still be receiving free money every single time they deposit cash into their All Slots Casino account.

For example, if you deposit £100 into your account at a later date, you’ll bag a free tenner. For £500 you’ll get an additional £50 and so on and so forth up to the monthly limit, which is £450 free when you deposit £4,500 a month. It is very unlikely however that anybody will deposit this amount per month, so enjoy the bonus for what it is. Handy and welcome!

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Top Celebrities Join Europa Online Casino in a Brand New Games

Posted by Gambling News | Casino News | Tuesday 15 March 2011 9:34 pm

Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and other famous stars line the reels in Top Trumps Celebs, one of Europa Casino’s new online slot games.

Top Trumps Celebs

Europa Casino, Europe’s number one online casino, is pleased to announce the release of four new online slot games.

The most anticipated is the star-studded affair Top Trumps Celebs, set to be released in March 2011. This glamorous slot game has some of Hollywood’s top stars (including Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears) lining the reels as players spin their way to fame and fortune.

Top Trumps Celebs Video Slots

Two of these Europa Casino new games – Kong and Iron Man 2 – are already available to play.

Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World featuring the iconic ape King Kong of Universal Studios fame, is a larger than life online slot game with exceptional graphics, lots of bonus games and a unique re-spin feature, all of which keep casino players highly entertained on their way to winning jackpots.

Iron Man 2 is also an action-packed slot machine game with plenty of winning opportunities. Following hot on the heels of Europa Casino’s original Iron Man slot game, Iron Man 2 promises players even more adventures and thrills as they join forces with Iron Man in fighting new enemies Whiplash, the Black Widow and the killer drones. As a Marvel slot game, Iron Man 2 also offers players the chance to win one of four Marvel progressive jackpots each time they play.

As for the other upcoming release, Easter Surprise is a charming slot machine game in which players will love collecting bonus gifts from the Easter Bunny himself.

All of Europa Casino‘s online slot machines are powered by Playtech software, for the highest quality online experience, including a fair, safe and secure gaming environment.

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