Four New Languages Introduced to the Titan Bet Guide for Football Betting

Posted by Gambling News | Sports Betting News | Monday 10 May 2010 4:35 pm

In response to Titan Bet’s growing international betting audience, four new languages have been added to the Titan Bet World Cup guide. The new languages include French, Italian, Spanish and German, and come as a highly valued feature to Titan Bet players across Europe who will now be able to further enjoy football betting in the comfort of their native languages.

Titan Bet‘s World Cup guide offers bettors detailed information on all 32 World Cup teams, and is saturated with valuable football betting tips, "Top 10s" highlights and insightful trivia. Players can leverage this wide range of data to make educated predictions on the 64 matches of the South Africa 2010 event. The final game, slated for July 11, 2010, is expected to attract an unprecedented amount of participants in online sports betting.

As one of the fastest growing sportsbooks online, Titan Bet stands among the lead sportsbooks for the 2010 World Cup. "We always look to bring our players the best service available and this comprehensive football betting webzine is another example of Titan Bet’s commitment to it’s international audience. Adding new languages is key to increasing customer satisfaction, and at the same time, increasing our reach in the market." commented Euro Partners Marketing VP, Marc Kenigsberg.

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Titan Bet Introduces World Cup Guide for Online Football Betting

Posted by Gambling News | Sports Betting News | Tuesday 23 March 2010 10:24 pm

New online football guide designed to assist bettors with valuable World Cup insight.

Titan Bet is pleased to announce the addition of a World Cup guide, which will offer bettors detailed information on all World Cup related topics , including historical analysis, team bios, betting tips and more. The guide is slated to enhance player’s ability to win big at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with Titan Bet.

World Cup betting has turned a corner with the addition of this comprehensive Titan Bet football betting guide, which is strengthened by innovative Titan Bet features such as the Stats Analyzer, Live Betting and Titan Bet TV. The Titan Bet sportsbook links functionality with added value in one unique platform; the World Cup guide is another branch of the expanding Titan Bet offering.

"Titan Bet is excited to contribute to the World Cup betting experience with our new online guide. Tapping into this valuable clinic of World Cup information full of tips, pointers and advice, will greatly assist all of our players", commented Euro Partners Marketing VP, Marc Kenigsberg.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is expected to draw tens of millions of viewers and active participants. Titan Bet has succeeded in its continuous push to draw bettors into a complete sportsbook, which aims to provide both service with enjoyment.

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Reputable UK Gambling Portal Helps People to Avoid Online Casino Scams

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Industry News,Gambling News | Wednesday 3 March 2010 2:26 pm

With online gambling popularity on the rise, casino scams often catch players off guard. There are likely thousands of gambling sites online today, so how does one know which are reputable and which are merely scams? A new reliable gambling portal called Gambling In UK ( helps UK gamblers quickly find reputable venues for online betting including sports betting, casinos, poker and bingo.

Unfortunately, scam sites lure non-suspecting players in with promises to "win big" when the goal of the site is actually to take a visitor for all he’s worth and sometimes even steal users’ identities! UK players can now rest easy using a dependable gambling portal like "GamblingIn.Co.UK". The company researches and provides links to reputable casino sites, sports betting sites and more to help UK gamers quickly find a trustworthy source of gambling entertainment.

As for those who love online betting, UK residents are relieved to have multiple online gambling sites at their fingertips without worry of scams or even sites that are operated poorly.

"It’s convenient for our users to be able to visit one trustworthy site that has already done the leg work in finding quality casino or online betting venues," states Aleksejs Krivorucenko, owner and operator of GamblingIn.Co.UK.

Gambling In UK goes a step further than merely providing a lot of links to recommended gambling sites. Users will also find helpful information and resources about gambling including tips, a gambling forum to chat with others or get advice, advertising opportunities for related companies, and other great benefits.

The company has been in the online gambling industry for more than eight years. As a proud member of online communities such as GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association), APCW (Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters) and CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs), Gambling In UK brings users only the best and safest UK brands in the online betting industry. The company launched the website portal – – in 2008.

Readers seeking trustworthy online casinos and other gambling sites in the UK can learn more at the Web address below:

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Rating: +25 (from 25 votes) Launches a Unique Video Service to Betting Enthusiasts

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling Articles,Gambling News | Thursday 10 September 2009 2:09 pm Launches a Unique Video Service to Betting Enthusiasts around the World!

September 10, 2009 – London; launches today with the daring statement, "watch what the bookies say and then make them pay". The only video website dedicated to gambling on the net, allows bookmakers to share their valuable insights via short video clips on betting events to gamblers around the world.

Andrew Pyrah, spokesperson for the site commented "You never see a poor bookmaker? Well there’s a reason for that – that’s because they’re the real experts, bookies have a knack of plucking out the right information, and have far more resources available to them than anyone else", Pyrah continues "It’s quite simple really, it’s their job to get things right".

To compliment the invaluable footage uploaded by bookmakers each day, will also be producing their own exclusive series of clips keeping visitors informed and entertained too. One series in particular, "Your Betting Guardian", see’s bookmakers, such as Chris Shillington of offer his top do’s and don’ts, along with priceless guidance from industry legend Wally Pyrah about this weekend’s St Leger and top NFL market maker Stephen Baumohl discussing the new NFL season.

Also exclusively on is a betting insider called Agent 00-7/4 who, under the Secret Betting Intelligence Service (SBIS) umbrella, will be passing on his ‘intel’ to viewers, and of whom Pyrah goes onto describe, "Somehow he knows everything about everyone in gambling and sport, don’t for one second think his info is your run of the mill stuff, quite literally no one is safe, and it took me months of persuasion to get him on board" – Additionally there’s a weekly series which sees the ultra competitive UK tabloid Sports Journalist Scott Piecha go head –to- head with Andrew Pyrah in a sports event with a difference, called "Piecha v Pyrah".

About is the only video sharing website designed uniquely and specifically for bookmakers and gamblers in the world. It’s been created with the purpose of allowing bettors to gain invaluable insights to sports events and betting by the experts.

Available exclusively on

Secret Betting Intelligence Service: Who IS Agent 00-7/4? It’s that much of a closely guarded secret that there are only two people in the world that know the true identity of this industry insider, one being the Chief of the Secret Betting Intelligence Service, and the other being Agent 00-7/4 himself. Away from his day job he secretly drives a white Maserati, and openly drinks Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne with Premiership footballers and societies major players. Agent 00-7/4 knows everything about everyone in betting and in sport, and will be passing on his ‘intel’ exclusively to visitors of – Nobody is safe.

Your Betting Guardian: Your Betting Guardian has been assigned to guide sports bettors around the world through the big sporting events – What they should do, and most importantly what they SHOULDNT be doing!

Key Personnel:

Andrew Pyrah: Andrew Pyrah has 12 years experience in the gambling and sports promotions sector which first begun at Sporting Index in 1996 before moving on to further his education under the close guidance of Matchroom Sport Chairman, Barry Hearn. During the four years in which Andy worked at Matchroom Sport he worked and managed a number of different roles within televised sport, most notably heading up the poker division in which expanded from one televised event a year to eight televised events a year during his stay. Away from poker Andy helped to develop the PGA EuroPro Tour Golf, the Budweiser UK Open Darts, and organised darts’ first ever pay per view Sky Box Office event between Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham. Since Matchroom Sport Andrew has worked and consulted for some of the world’s largest gaming companies including Harrahs Entertainment and London Clubs International.

Contact Details:

Andrew Pyrah

DD: +44 (0) 208 2961868
M: +44 (0) 7891 202613

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