Mobile Gambling Explodes Into the Stratosphere

Posted by Gambling News | Gambling News | Saturday 1 September 2012 11:00 am

Online gambling has always been popular, but like all new trends the zeitgeist only lasts so long. Eventually things bottom out, and although this is a new industry, online gambling is not showing the same explosive growth it once did a few years ago. The bottoming out could be changing however, and any online gambling concern that is not set up and running with mobile gambling is going to miss out on new growth.

When they said a year ago that mobile gambling would be the next wave of massive growth, we don’t think anyone quite expected it to be as big as it actually is. Since 2011 exponential mobile growth has seen the biggest operators proudly displaying results that consistently show double digit escalation. This obviously makes gambling by mobile another huge opportunity – an opportunity as huge (if not bigger) than the inception of the internet.

Now, you might think we are only talking about opportunity in terms of the mobile gambling operator, this is not the case at all. In a market as sophisticated as say, the UK. There is massive potential for players as well. Why is this you might ask? Well because the more operators try and get into the game, the more competitive it becomes – the more competitive this form of gambling becomes, the better the prizes. Not only that, because of the massive potential for liquidity with so many punters enjoying gambling-on-the-go, the bigger prize pools, such as progressive prize pools, will grow more regularly into huge amounts.

Right now mobile gambling encompasses, sports betting (the most popular growth sector)slots, bingo, video poker, all kinds of casino games and even poker.

Paddy Power, Betfair, Unibet, William Hill, even Google and more are all looking forward to really raking it in. And with taxes for online gambling sites only due to fall into law in the UK, presumably by 2014, we’ll bet a penny to a pound that these businesses are smiling; in fact literally laughing their way to the banks once again.

What we, the player, has to look forward to is a great many more winning opportunities when we play by mobile or tablet, and what’s more we can do it – even if surreptitiously – under the table in a board meeting. Just think, one never ever need be bored again when shut inside with the board?!

Ever more innovative mobile gambling product will be delivered into this market, the bigger and better it grows. Even Bullet Business is taking advantage of the growth, and a Mobile Gambling Summit is planned for London later on in the year. Players and operators both are tapping into the tablet market, and moving into mobile.

Personally, we believe that gambling online will never be the same again. Developers are already talking about taking it to smart TV, in order to harness the largest prospect in gambling since the online boom, thereby increasing mobile penetration back into the home. We wonder what will be next?!

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